How and Where did you meet your wife/husband?

The title pretty much says it all. Tell us about how and where you first met your wife or husband. Did you know at the time that s/he would be The One or did it start out casual and become more serious over time? I’m interested in hearing your stories.

Moved to a small town to go to college and didn’t know anybody so joined meetup and myspace to meet new people (and prospective dates). I met her on Myspace and we met up to watch the new, at the time, movie “Thank you for Smoking” at a indie thater in town.

We hit it off, dated for 2 years during collge and got married last year.

Woah haven’t seen you in forever. And I also saw Thank You for Smoking at that same indie theater.

I am not married but if I fastforward the current bf may end up that person, and we met through a mutual friend and it started out casual/friends but then mutual feelings developed during the “get to know you” phase when we realized we had a lot in common and had fun together.

My first (late) husband J. C. and I met through one of my professors in University. The prof and I were organizing a poetry evening, and J. C. happened to be his house guest. When I phoned to finalize some details of the evening, my prof told me to speak to this friend because he had to pay attention to something on the stove. J.C. and I started talking on the phone, made a blind date for the next evening, and got married 3 months later. Attraction, lust, passion were there at first, then I discovered at one point that I really loved this guy, more and more as time went by.

My second husband I met in a jazz club. He wasn’t my type and I was finally enjoying my freedom as a widow, so I thought I’d introduce him to a woman friend of mine who shared some of his interests. They got along very well, but as fast friends. He tricked me into accompanying him to a bar that had good jazz and a great collection of single malts and microbrewery beers-- and I won a bet: the bar did not stock my favourite scotch, but we had a fun time anyway. We dated and then lived together for 5 years, then got married. He’s really great, the best man I know, I totally trust and love him, and he loves me- quirks and faults and all.

Being a jazz fan, a SF aficionado, and a car nut, I’ve never lacked male friends and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many fine people of both sexes throughout life. [/ egocentric thread drift- it’s late, I’m tired, my cat is in the hospital, forgive me]

I’ve told this before:

We met at a fundraiser for the local public library. I was a longtime donor, and she was a volunteer at the event.

February 28, 1981 in a new Gay bar in Berlin called “Dreizehn” (13).
I was dating three guys at the time, on a regular basis, hoping for something serious to develop long term with one of them - but had come to the conclusion that none of them were the right one and had pretty much given up - and then I saw “him” across a crowded room. Our eyes just clicked and that was it.
I know this sounds strange, but I knew - I just knew in an instant he was the one.
Here is the thread for a follow up.

In the days before the internet was readily available, there were local chat rooms called “BBS” – Bulletin Board Systems. I asked one day why everyone looked so disembodied. He responded, “We’re not. We’re over here!” He was on the other side of town – a widowed father with a teenage son still at home.

We chatted and emailed for a while and then talked by phone. After two months I realized that I had known his brother at one time. We arranged to meet near Vanderbilt and were married seven months later.

That was almost 24 years ago. Strange and wonderful man.

The ultimate cliche: our eyes met across a crowded dance floor. I knew then that she was the one. She was, and still is, thirty seven years later.

Naked in a hot tub, at a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast party. He called me for six weeks before I finally agreed to go on a date. After one date, I was smitten. After three weeks, it was love. After two months, he proposed. We waited about 18 months to get married. That was 8+ years ago.

Well, I don’t know if ‘met’ is the right word. I first became aware of my husband’s existence when we were in junior high school (commonly called ‘middle school’ now, I believe). It was a pretty small school. He was one year ahead of me, and I, well, knew who he was. He was pretty much tagged as a nerd/geek: chess club, photography club, etc.

In high school, I had more personal contact with him. This is because I had a “crew” or “gang” I hung with. Like most crews, we had ‘fringe members’. You know, the folks who are sometimes there, sometimes not, like satellites around the core group. Well, he had a semi-serious relationship with one of the fringe members, so he was included in a few group activities. Then he actually dated my best friend a couple of times. She dubbed him “an animal” and would not go out with him again. Funny, when you’re 17, your best friend not liking a guy is reason enough to not like him.

Fast forward five years. I get a call from a high school friend I’m still hanging out with. She says “Guess who’s back in town?” and I say “Who?” She says “[firstname/lastname]” I said “Oh. I didn’t know he was gone”. “Oh! Well, he married this girl, moved to England, but they’re separated and now he’s back!”

He and said friend were dating, but only casually. Nothing formal, no vows of chastity, etc. I was also dating several other guys, and not looking for anything serious (having had my heart broken six months earlier). But I started seeing him at her place. And something in my head said “Hey, I bet he can tear it up in bed!”
Yep, my interest in him was purely physical.

So, a month later, same friend and I are out for drinks. You know how it goes, a few drinks and your tongue gets loose. So I say “Hey, he looks like he’s a lot of fun; but I’d never make a move for him, because he’s dating you”, and she says “Well, I don’t care. We’re not committed or anything. But I don’t think he’d go out with you. He doesn’t like ‘big girls’ like you”.

Well, that sounded like a challenge to me. So I started flirting with him outrageously. Eventually, we exchanged phone numbers. One night he called me and said “Hey, I’ve got the evening free, and a bottle of Jack Daniels; want some company?” We both knew he meant ‘let’s get drunk and screw’, but hey, it was the 80’s. It happened.

For two years, we both told everyone “it’s just a fling”. We both dated other people during that time. Also, his divorce from his first wife was formalized during that time. I was the one who was there for him during that time.

We’ve been together more than 25 years, our 21st anniversary is next month. We’re happy.:cool:


I had moved to NYC and I didn’t really know anyone in the city worth dating so I put up a dating ad on CL for a while. I met a lot of men but most of them were not worth going out with a second time. A couple I went out with for a month or so before deciding it wasn’t working. He responded to my ad because he had an extra ticket to the Bon Jovi concert in Central Park and the friend he was supposed to go with had an emergency visit to the hospital several days before hand and couldn’t make it. We went to the concert and spent about 5 hours beforehand hanging out in the park. We’ve been together ever since and we are getting married next August.

We met in law school. Had most of our first year classes together.

She recalls having a negative initial impression of me. I don’t recall her much one way or the other.

In summer school we had a class together and sat next to each other. She started hanging out with a group of my friends - spending time at the pool where some of my friends rented a condo. During that summer and into the next school year she dated a couple of my friends. Over Halloween a bunch of us went out dressed as pirates tripping on shrooms.

Our first date was the following weekend. Got engaged the next spring, and married that August.

Geek love. My wife and I first interacted on a BtVS message board. We were introduced by a mutual friend on the board, and just hit it off. Afetr 6 months of IMs and multi-hour phone calls from coast to coast, she came out west for a visit. I proposed a year later. We were married a year after that. (This is called “planning.” I wanted 1 date to remember!)

We met on Nevember 4, 1989, in front of the old 9:30 Club on F st. in DC. I had just moved to the area, and a friend of mine was in town, so we went to see a show there (Jazz Butcher and Mary’s Danish). My wife and her friend were meeting other friends there. They asked us about the legality of the spot they just parked in; a conversation started up regarding colleges attended and southern accents, then we said toodledoo and proceeded in for the show. During the show, we saw each other again and started talking. I got her number, called her up for a date, and we’ve been together ever since. Coincidentally, the friends that she was meeting that night were a bunch of folks that went there after another friends’ wedding that day…so approximately a half dozen of our good friends were there the night we met, so randomly. It turns out that her grandparents and my aunt lived about a mile apart in Pine Bluff, AR, oddly enough. Also, she, my stepmother and my daughter have the same birthday.

On the ferry going to work in Seattle on 9/11 of all days. When the ferries land in West Seattle you transfer to one of three buses that are waiting. That day she got on my bus and we started talking about the planes crashing into the building. As I am an Architect she was very curious as to why the floors collapsed, etc., so we started talking.

After that I would see her on the ferry reading, etc and we were just friends, exchanging books, etc. I was married at the time so there was no interest beyond books.

Fast forward a couple years after I got divorced, another friend invited me to join her and her husband on their boat, so I asked my friend if she wanted to go with me. Then afterwards we went and got pizza, and the rest is history and now we are married. I am very happy that I ran into her that day!

IRC, #callahans. We started talking one night and had an instant connection. About a month after that, I realized I was in love again and bought a plane ticket (my first and only plane ride!) Less than two months later I moved down: we were married less than 9 months after that. In December we’ll celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.

Met my first husband during an extended stay in England. He was in a very obscure indie band that I liked, so mutual friends invited me to hang out at a pub in Birmingham one lazy afternoon. He walked in, our eyes met, and he sat right down beside me and began chatting like we were old friends. We got married about four months later, but being young and daft, it didn’t work out and we parted ways amicably. In fact, I got him together with his current wife, who’s much better suited for him than I ever was.

Met my current husband at Kings nightclub (RIP) in Raleigh, NC just over three years ago. He was in a semi-obscure Metal band that I liked (oh dear, one sees a pattern here) but they hadn’t played in the area for about three years. Last time I’d seen him circa 2003 he had a girlfriend, but they had been broken up for almost a year before the Kings show. The bass player’s wife introduced us, feeling that we’d hit it off. She was right. I can’t say it was totally love at first sight, but it was very easy to fall in love with him as we spent time together over the next few months. In Fall of 2007 he moved to NC, I moved in with him, and we got married in September of this year.

I miss that place. Ever go to DC Space?

I tell people I got her on Craigslist, just like my couch.

That’s actually a lie - I got my couch from a friend who upgraded.

Married 18 months now. Got it right this time - 'til death do us part for sure (though that doesn’t exclude her shooting me, I’ve realized).

I used to publish a zine, back in the stone ages of print zines. One of the people I used to trade zines with mentioned to his friend that he thought she and I would be a good couple. She sent me a letter, and it turned out that she lived in San Fran, and I had just decided to move there from NJ. We traded a few letters. When I got there, I called her, we met at Hahn’s Hibachi, and we’re still together and married, 13 years later.


Kinda like Zoe, I met my wife on a BBS. We were both in college in and around Chicago. I had dated other girls on the BBS, but they were long distance relationships that were doomed from the start. Once I met my wife, I dumped the girl I was with and never looked back. We dated 5 years and have been married for 10.