Howard Stern getting a Divorce?!?!

Anyone hear details about this? Veeellly interesting. I mean, it’s one thing to be a drooling erection slobbering over every pair of tits you see when you are Famous for Being Faithful to Your Wife…I think it will be quite another when he’s perfectly free to actually screw all these bimbos. Do you suppose he will? Or has he been all talk all this time? And if he does, will that just make him so incredibly creepy he’ll be completely intolerable?

Let the Dopers Decide

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I think the more interesting question would be will these women still flirt with his ugly ass??


I tend to go with Frankie on this one

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One thing: He and his wife are separating, not divorcing yet. He has repeatedly said that he can’t get a divorce because they have no prenup (ha ha).

Second thing: Of COURSE women are going to still drool over him. He is a funny, successful man - just because he’s ugly doesn’t mean he’s unattractive.

Howard and his co-host Robin seem to be fond of each other. Maybe they will become a couple. Or maybe Howard and Kathie Lee will have a secret affair.

I agree with Frankie, also. I think it has to do with the whole “wanting what you can’t have” thing. I think the reason these woman all flirt with him is for the following reasons:

  1. They know he has never cheated on his wife and they know they can flirt with him as much as they want without fear of actually having to go through with anything they say.

  2. They want to be able to say they were the one who finally got Howard to stray from his wife

  3. They want free breast implants

Here is a great site for Howard Stern that has all the updates about the separation.

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A better question is, if you were in his position and your spouse told you “It’s either your job or me.” (I know it is not even implied that she did, but for sake of argument). What would you do?

I personally would give my job up in a heart beat to keep my wife and daughter.


A: Howard is worth probably 150 million dollars. Given that fact, I’m sure Howard will have ZERO problem finding women interested in him.

B: While I have never been a fan (I think he’s just stupid) I have ALWAYS found Howard the Man, the Tall, Long Faced, Long Haired, Big Nosed, Long fingered, MAN, to be incredibly attractive. Totally does it for me in a big way…very sexy, very good-looking.

My point is the audience. It’s kinda funny and entertaining that he drools so, knowing he’ll never act on it. Don’t know that it would be quite so entertaining knowing he was boffing all these babes.

I see your point. I guess its kinda the reverse of my point. Once he’s single he becomes a lech whereas before he was just kidding right?

And yah…he’ll still get the sluts and stuff…but what about the famous people and stuff??


I always felt there was only one thing to admire Stern for; he was a devoted family man. So you can probably guess where he rates with me now.

As for Howard’s social life, I imagine he’ll do okay. Let’s face it, a lot of the women he features on his show are undoubtedly willing to sleep with him if it will help their careers. As for his public image, I see him evolving into an ugly Charlie Sheen.

Judging from his books and comments, he’ll go back to being the mess he was before he was married if he in fact does divorce, and in fact, I’ll wager that he doesn’t get with anyone until that moment is solidified in paper and ink.

I love Howard, but this pisses me off because he was someone I would point out as someone who was flkirty, yet stayed faithful to hsi wife. Now I need a new role model…

Yer pal,

Howard’s shtick, AFAIC, has been getting old for some time now. Not having his wife and the kids as his anchor is only going to make it even more tired, especially since he doesn’t get to “play the game” anymore, being a devoted family man but an outrageous flirt…

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Personally I don’t see him hooking up with anyone anytime soon.

And I really think it’s more complicated than his wife vs. his job. Too many people like to assume that, especially people who live to villify him.

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

Let’s look at the other side of this. Imagine the poor schmuck who dates his wife. The King of All Media will have a field day with this guy!


I have to agree with Stoidela… I think Howard is HOT. I have a thing for really tall thin guys with long hair though. But yeah, I drool when I see his show. Way sexy.

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I thought the odd thing about the situation was that she wanted to divorce him because he was hardly ever around because of his work. If you divorce him he won’t be around EVER! Seems like cutting off your head to get rid of a headache!