Is Howard Stern dating? Still being icky?

I don’t listen to him, so I don’t know. Now that he’s a free man, how is that “oooo baby, I’d do you in a minute” routine playing, now that he actually can? Is he?

My feeling is that it was ok when we all knew he went home to his wife, but that now it would just come off kinda creepy.

So…can anyone fill me in on how things have changed?


PS: I’ve always found Howard to be a complete waste of time in terms of what he calls humor, but I did like his movie, and I have always found him extremely sexy physically. Not who he is, I just find that tall, skinny, long haired and long fingered, big nosed Jewish thing to be just yummy.

Stoidela: I feel exactly the same way. I liked his movie, too. I think he has outgrown his radio show and should move on. I started tuning in to Howard Stern’s radio show several months ago because I was looking for a morning talk show. I found HS extremely intelligent, and so was all the more disappointed at the imbecilic, repetitive routine: “Oooh baby,” like you said. “I’d bang her.” “Why don’t you take your shirt off?” “Kathie Lee is a stupid bitch.” Over and over and over. I’m sure it’s a hoot for the frat crowd, but please.

Having said that, I’d like to know if he’s dating, too. He’d be quite striking caught at a cafe table with some stripper, and the photo published in the Enquirer. Any gossip out there?

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The best way to find out what Howard is up to is to listen to his show. The guy spills his guts 4 hours a day.

Well, that’s exactly the problem. His show is boring. He has to fill up 4 hours every day, so he spends a lot of time on long pauses and Robin-giggling interludes. I can’t stand to listen to him anymore. It’s not his moronic subject matter, it’s how long it takes him to talk about the moronic subject matter. I agree that it is time for him to move on.

I’d like to know that answer to the OP, too. I have often wondered about this since the divorce announcement. The main thing that made the “Howard Stern” character tolerable and even endearing to many women was his constant struggle between his adolescent libido and his mature family-man values. The family-man always won, but he knew he was damned lucky to have a job that allowed him to indulge that adolescent side and a wife that put up with him. His esteem for his wife and kids was as essential to his character as his desire to see naked women. But without the “wife,” his character has no moorings. I would love to know how this is playing out on his show, but as I said above, it’s gotten too boring to tolerate.

I think he was always too boring to tolerate.

I assumed that he would be screwing like a Bonobo chimp as soon as he divorced, but upon further reflection it occurs to me that most women would not want to have their sexual lives explored in detail on radio, so maybe not.

I still wanna know, though.

Then again, i should realize that there probably wouldn’t be a whole lot of Howard Stern fans on the Dope.


Never have listened to his radio show, but I’ve caught bits and pieces of his TV show on E! when I’ve been channel surfing at night. Is it wild coincidence or does he always have some woman taking off her clothes on every show? If so, how does this translate as entertainment on the radio?

Someone might as well answer it.

Howard Stern is probably dating. But he’s being very quiet about it. His dilemma has changed. He still tells every girl who comes in that he’d like to bang her, but as soon as she leaves the room, he complains about how he can’t get into that sort of situation.

The main problem is this: his daughters. The separation is still a very bitter point, and his daughters are freaked out every time they hear he’s dating soemone. So even if he is dating, he doesn’t want to publicize it.

Plus, let’s face it. The man is a reclusive geek (which he readily admits).

The news-tabs paint him as hanging over every young model, but he explains all these sightings away, as him just being out w/ friends (i.e., yes he talked w/ the girl, but also talked w/ about 15 other people that night, too). I heard that he had gone on an actual date with some young thing, though, and as far as I know he hasn’t said much about it. So that one may be true. I’ll find a cite if anyone here cares.

I remember reading somewhere that he was dating Robin Givens, the girl who was married to Tyson.

Maybe there is something that attracts him to be with black girls named Robin.

I disagree, I think there are tons of women who would love to be associated with someone of Howard’s staure. Even if he discussed them in deatil.

But I think people have hit on the main points.

His daughters are probably a main reason, but I also think he knows that most women who want to be with him want to be with him just because he’s Howard Stern. And I think he’s smart enough not to delude himself into thinking otherwise.

I also think he’s still not quite over his ex-wife. I mean he is without a doubt surrounded by people (male and female) who flock to him just for who he is and what he can do for them. He met Alison when he was still an awkward geeky nobody. As it stands now, he can never be completely sure if any woman he would date is dating him because he’s The King of All Media or becuaes he’s an intelligent funny guy.

I’m surprised there aren’t more. Sure, a lot of his show is dead boring but he’s quite intelligent and in general has a great talent for knowing what a large number of people find funny. And the Jack Dean Tyler phenomenenon is proof that the SDMB aren’t afraid of indulging in dick jokes :slight_smile:

He’s dating Beth Ostrosky, a blonde hottie who was in Flirting with Disaster.

There’s an article about this very issue in this month’s Details magazine (Sean Penn on the cover).

Somewhat interesting that all he talked about was “if I was single, I’d bang you” and now that he is single, he’s turning away offers left and right.

In one of his books he mentioned he was very glad he married young because now that he’s wealthy he could never trust anyone. Wise words.

I’ve never heard his show but I’ve read his books and there is something about him…his eccentricity and neuroses, his rage against hypocrisy…that makes him a little more endearing and interesting than a lot of the “celebrities” foisted off on a gullible public.