How's about this for a 1st world store cupboard?

I finally got around to getting proper containers for my pantry rather than just using the resealable packets for dry goods. What a cornucopia!
[li]4 kinds of rice[/li][li]2 kinds of noodle[/li][li]3 kinds of pasta[/li][li]5 other grains[/li][li]3 kinds of dried lentils + another kind tinned[/li][li]6 other dried pulses + 3 kinds in tins[/li][li]7 kinds of flour[/li][/ul]
I must have produce from at least 20 countries in there, probably more once the herbs, spices, vinegars and oils are included. And I use about 80% of these things regularly.

This may seem like boasting and indeed it is to a certain extent. I’m usually quite conscious of food miles when it comes to fresh produce (my meat comes all of 20 miles and my veg isn’t often from much further away than the Netherlands or France) so this genuinely surprised me.

The scope of the 1st world food web (or perhaps vacuum is a better metaphor) can be truly awe-inspiring at times.

Most of my ingredients are from the UK (where I live), the rest of Europe, and Asia (particularly India/Pakistan). How far do your tentacles spread?