How's It Going, Bear? (Spoilers, I suppose)

So I just took the 3 year old to see ‘Brother Bear’.

Woo, did that one hit me where I live. WHAHAHAHAHA

OK, it’s got a standard friendly Disney plotline with the standard ‘fail and redemption’ concept going on.

But it also has Bob and Doug MacKenzie (otherwise known as Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) as two Moose who play as comedy relief (“I can’t believe you totaled a mammoth.”).

And even better they end up demostrating the valuable life lesson that gets our protagonist over the top!

Man, that’s brilliant of Disney. Usually they’ve become pretty good at including jokes that the parents will get but this time it’s aimed right at me! I’m 36 years old and was practically raised on SCTV and The Great White North. I saw Strange Brew in the theaters and got all the Rush references in it.

Brilliant, I tell you. Brilliant!

Going pretty good thanks for asking.

Things are ok. How are you?

Odd, that. I recognized who the moose were supposed to be, from the commercials, and I know I recognized Dave’s voice, but I thought the other voice actor was only someone who sounded like Rick Moranis.

Has his voice changed substantially over the years, or is the bit I heard in the TV spots just “off?”

[sub]Or, more likely, are my aging ears just “off?”[/sub]

…and I’m fine too, thanks!!!
{{ so many Bear Brothers! }}

‘You guys are awful big beavers!’


No, it’s really Rick Moranis. But the voice is a little higher than he used to do it.