Bob & Doug McKenzie animated cartoon?

Okay, so I found Strange Brew on DVD at a discount and picked it up. Strange Brew was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I saw it in the theater even before I ever saw the McKenzie brothers on SCTV, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We taped the movie off of HBO onto our Betamax and I watched it more times than I could possibly count. It was a nice nostalgia trip to see this movie again.

But the DVD extras included a trailer for a Bob & Doug McKenzie cartoon! Apparently the trailer was put together in 2002, noting that the cartoon is “coming soon.” It seemed like it was supposed to be a TV show, but I can’t tell. The setting is a little different from the movie. The trailer lasts about five minutes, in which Bob and Doug catch you up on their lives these days, and introduce you to what appear to be the regular characters on the show. Bob and Doug are sanitation engineers living in the town of Borderton, Canada, which is right on the U.S./Canadian border (with an unnamed American urban hellscape conveniently located right across the drawbridge.) We meet their coworker Dwight, who drives the garbage truck; Mary Beth, the wife of Rupert, a police officer. (Remember? "We found this mouse in this bottle of your beer. A friend of ours—a cop drank out of it at a party, and he puked!) There are the French-Canadian LeDoux Brothers, the McKenzies’ sworn enemies, and their mullet-wearing friend Dennis, who gets beat up every night. Ma and Pa McKenzie have apparently moved to Florida. And yes, Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis are doing the voices.

I can’t find much about this cartoon. I found an old USA Today article in which Dave Thomas mentions it, saying it’ll probably go straight to video, but I don’t know what to think. I’ve never heard of this show going anywhere. But if it exists in any form, I’m interested, and I’d be glad to watch it. It might help soothe the pain of the Strange Brew sequel having fallen apart after its funding fell through.

I’d be glad to know if any information aboot this, eh.

This link is for the company behind the cartoon
Cartoons never seemed to have been released.

Yeah, that’s the exact trailer that’s on the DVD. I’d love to know about any cartoons, though. That’d be beauty, eh.

So when’s this thing going to take off, hoser?