Any current HSX dopers out there? Everyone else see here for more info: www.hsx.com

Whats your net worth and username, and any stock tips would be appreciated as well naturally.

$121 milllion

Miami Vice is still a good buy at $60
Iron Man isn’t moving into development very quickly, but at $10 its worth the chance that it will get a big name director or star.

Im considering selling my Sahara stock. I have a feeling it is going to be a good movie that doesnt make big money. Any thoughts?

I love HSX and visit there daily.

I’m worth ~$41 million. My username is W1llow.

My problem was when I started out I diversified too much, so I’d buy 100 shares here, 500 there etc.

The key is to buy minimum 5000 shares. That and do well on Blockbuster calls!

Why hello Cain…

My hsx username is Wayne534. Right now, my portfolio is worth 227 million.

With the amount of money you have, you have a couple of choices. You can buy movies three months or so away from release and wait for them to go up. You can also try to find potential big movers and wait. I bought Miami Vice at 18.00. My other two best examples are buying “War of the Worlds” at 29.00 a share (now at 153.00) and the Davinci Code at 53.00 (now at 152.00). I don’t mess with IPO’s much unless they are guarenteed money like Shrek 3 or something like that. Right now, I have 50000 shares of every movie opening between now and mid-July. I think I will spend my Star Wars 3 money on potential movers and take some chances.

My biggest winner so far has been Passion of the Christ. I made 10 million dollars when it went from 63.00 to 263.00 after release. My biggest loss was shorting Spiderman. I lost 3 million.

I still make (and lose) the biggest amount of money on opening box office. I have learned my lesson on shorting movies, though. I do it very rarely now. In fact, out of the 152 movies in my portfolio, I have only one shorted. (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, shorted at 102.00, down to 85.00.)

I also usually sell after the weekend adjust on Sunday. I don’t have the patience to wait another four weeks when I want to put my money on other things, and many of them don’t move up enough to make it worth it anyway.

By the way, My potential big mover is DINO. Martin Scorcese directing Tom Hanks in a biopic of Dean Martin.

I’m on as ixolite - current worth is around $113M. I don’t do much on it these days besides shorting any indy release priced abouve about $5.

Motivated by the OP, I checked it out and signed up. This looks like it will be a lot of fun. At the very least, it’s given me a sense of excitement that I haven’t felt in a long time, and no matter if it’s ultimately a trivial thing.

I think anyone else who signs up because of the OP should credit cainxinth as the referral. He will get 100,000 HSX dollars for that.

And of course I never thought of that as I was signing up. Sorry, cainxinth. :frowning:

If anyone knows of a way to list cainxinth as the person who referred me after I’ve signed up, please educate me.

I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, tripthicket. You would have had to know his HSX username when you fill out the registration. Besides, it’s only 100K. People with as much money as he has can make (and lose) that in a very short time.

Evil, I beat you to Miami Vice… I picked it up at just over $14. I do still think its a buy at $60 with the cast and director attached. I’m looking into Dino, but I can’t see a Dean Martin biopic making huge money, then again I did miss the boat on Ray.

What are your thoughts on Sahara? I bought it at $26 and its trading at $55. I just haven’t heard much buzz about it. Last night I was watching the tourney at a local sports bar and I asked some people if they wanted to see it and no one had even heard of the film. Doesn’t bode well.

Wow, it’s probably been a couple of years since I last visited my account. Hmmm, wonder how the portfolio’s holding up…

I’ll be back

Cain, I am going to hold onto Sahara at 55.00 and see what happens. There may be enough Clive Cussler fans and people who have seen the trailer out there to make it at least break even. It will probably end up somewhere in the mid to high 40’s…but by the time I sell by shares, buy them back short and then cover them after it opens, it will cost me as much in commissions as it will to let it ride and see what happens.

I’ve had an account for about 5 years or so, under allie1. I’m about to hit $124 million.

I was absolutely addicted to it for the longest time, but I don’t play so much anymore. I did log on the afternoon that I saw that Mario had dropped out of American Idol, and shorted the max. That was an easy little chunk of change.

I’m there as MerhouseSST, and I manage to do ashtonishingly horribly. I’ve got something like $13 million, of which $10 million is in cash.

I should start a “don’t let this happen to you” fund. If I buy something, it will tank. If I short it, it will zoom. Every so often I do get lucky though.

I did just buy 25,000 shares of DINO, though, so, thanks Evil One :slight_smile:

OK, so I’ve effectively killed yet another thread (I seem to do that a lot), but I do have a question that perhaps you folks can answer.

Is there a way to actually view what’s in another player’s portfolio? I’ve gone through the FAQ’s there and played around a bit, but haven’t found anything about that.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can’t look into their portfolio, but you can add them to “my league” and track how much money they have. Just click on “my league” at the top of your portfolio page and enter the HSX username in the space provided.

Thanks! :smiley:

I figured out the “my league” thingie, was just wondering if there was a way to actually see the portfolio.

Of course, mine is still a study in “Don’t let this happen to me” :slight_smile: