HTH are we supposed to navigate Facebook now!

Everytime I’ve tried to visit it, it stops after I click forward a couple time! If it isn’t my POS computer (and it might be) I may have to give up on Facebook! That’ll suck, because without it, I’ll have no way of keeping up with friends and family I seldom see.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. What OS, what browser, what do you mean by “click forward” and “stops”?

What Ferret Herder said. No idea what you mean by “click forward.” Mine scrolls up or down, and works fine on the two computers I use most plus my phone.

By “click forward” I mean that you have “1 of 3” prompts before you actually see your Newsfeed. FTR I have Windows XP and IE9 (the latter I’m unsure of)

… That doesn’t sound right. At all.

Still not understanding what you mean. Describe in detail what these prompts are. When I go to Facebook, I get my page, newsfeed, etc., right away without any sort of prompts to click through or anything. Sounds a bit malware-ish if you ask me.

One of three prompts for what? I tried logging out of mine and back in, in case it was something happening for those not staying logged in, and it still just goes straight to the news feed. It also goes straight to my profile and back with no other prompts. I’m also using an old computer with XP at work, but with Firefox and AdBlock. Are they ads?

I’ve been seeing complaints in my newsfeed about the ‘new Facebook’, though my Facebook looks exactly the same. Maybe they’re rolling some kind of change out gradually.

They changed around the layout a bit on mine (as they seem to do every couple of months–I know it’s not really every couple of months, but it seems that way.) For once, I actually like the changes.

Anyhow, no prompting involved.

A screenshot, maybe?

Moved Cafe Society --> IMHO.

Evidently I’m in the 1st “wave” of the roll-out.

Can you explain to us what you’re seeing? It really doesn’t sound right.

I just checked out Facebook’s own explanation of their newsfeed changes (including the video at the bottom) and don’t see anything that matches the vague complaint here.

Does it, by any chance, tell you that you are the 999,999th visitor to the internet, or that a Local Mom makes $13,900 a month?

I’ve seen the 1 of 3 screen thing, where it says something like “Help us to make your connection more secure by answering a few personal questions.” It comes up after I enter my password. My computer usually remembers my password, so I only see it on the rare occasional where I have to re-enter my password. I refuse to answer the questions. I just leave Facebook, then go back to Facebook. The computer remembers my password and goes straight to the news feed.