HTML code exposed on webpages - WTF?

A couple of weeks ago I started noticing this board exhibit a weird thing: bits of the HTML code was visible on the page itself. I posted a similiar thread on the ATMB forum thinking it was just this site. Later, it happened on another board that uses the same software, but a different version (2.2.5). Arnold suggested I check the source code for the page to see if the characters I was seeing were part of the code. They were. Now it happens on non-message board pages.

What the heck is going on?

FTR, I’m using AOL 7.0, Windows Me, and IE 5.5. The weirdness happens regardless of whether or I not I surf via AOL or IE 5.5 in a separate window. I know my modem is about to tank. I was having problems with my computer suddenly reseting itself whenver I was online. About a couple of weeks ago while dialing up AOL, the computer reset itself in the middle of dialing. I must, therefore, assume that the modem is faulty.

Any insight would be appreciated.

You’re probably getting dropped characters. If the < character that denotes the start of a tag (piece of HTML code) is corrupted or dropped, then the rest of the code until the next tag will be shown as normal text. Your modem or phone line is probably having issues. Something to test is to sign up for one of those free ISPs like NetZero and see if the problem still occurs. You only get 10 hours a month and there are ads, but for test purposes its enough. If the problem still exists, its definately a modem or phone line issue. If the problem goes away, its AOL’s fault.