html code

Hi i have my own personal site and have used html code before and all works fine, now i recently wanted to put a html code poll on a page but when i go to save it the code changes to this and does not show up :- <div align=center></div>Same comes up when i try to post google gadgets, ive tried it on 2 computers xp and win7 running norton 360 for firewall and virus checker and using internet explorer 8 On asking theweb hosts to check the html code setting of my site and supplying some code they said it worked ok and the poll came up, I was then told it may be down to my browser?? Very odd as it was only a week ago when i put other code on that was ok also running bb aol but not had this problem over the 8 years,i did try turning off firewall andvirus checker but still did not work. Any idea what the problem is
Thanks peter:confused:


Can you link to the page so we can check? It may very well be your browser, it could be a plugin such as an ad-blocker that is deleting it on the fly.