HTML/CSS: How to let the user select a style sheet?

I’ve seen a few webpages with a form that allows users to select which style sheet they want to view the page with. I think this a great idea, and I want to implement it on my webpage, but how to go about it? Many of the sites I’ve seen use server-side scripting, which I’d like to avoid, since I don’t even know what’s available to me, as I’m using my University web space. I imagine then that I’ll have to use JavaScript and cookies. But I’ve never used cookies before; there are probably some major things wrong with them.

I’m trying to stay within the HTML 4.01 Strict DTD, but I can upgrade to XHTML 1.0 if I need to. I want it look okay (use a certain default style sheet) if JavaScript is disabled as well.

So what’s the best way for me to do this?

So, I take it that’s a vote for JavaScript and cookies, chriszarate? I guess I’m asking, is there anything I need to know about cookies before I barrel in and use them for this somewhat trivial trick?

Thanks for the link, BTW. That’s the best explanation of this method that I’ve found.