HTML Pet peeve

This just gets to me. The HTML page TITLE is what you see in the taskbar and the default name for the shortcut when you want to bookmark the page as favorite.

So you go to the web site of the Acme Towel Co and want to mark their page and what did they title it? Acme Towel Co? NO! They call it “home page” or “Welcome to the Home page of the best towel company west of El Alamo!” or they just don’t title it.

What are the guys who make those pages thinking? I have to rename the majority of the pages I mark or most of my links would be named “home” and “Welcome”

I know when I wrote my first webpage I put an actual, somewhat amusing (but not really) title on it . . . “Patrick’s Page . . . Please, no autographs” It beat “Welcome to my homepage!”