HTML Refresher plz?

I’m trying to make a web page right now and i’m trying to use tables to format it, thing is i can’t get the table to have the color font i want (white) i put the <font color=“white”> in the page but everything inside the table still has black text, any help?

also, how do i make a pop-up happen? I know i could make a link open another window by making it target a frame that hasn’t been named before, but how can i make is automatically come up?

Hi. I strongly recommend you to use CSS (cascading stylesheets) to format the layout of your webpage.

i COULD do that… but that would mean learning so much…
if you want to post a link to a good guide that’s fine with me, or you could just let me know how to do those things i had questions about…

The best way to do CSS is to find a site with the layout you want, then nick the code ::evilgrin::

Check out Glish for some good CSS code. I will attempt to dig out some tutorial if that’s what you want.

well, like only really want to know these 2 things, thank you for the link though I’ve read some and plan on going back that site looks pretty good.

You should have the font color on the <td> tag.
I can also get IE6 to like it on the <table> tag with the </font> on the <td> tag, but I’m not sure that’s kosher.

<table border=“0” width=“100%”>
<td width=“100%”><font color=“white”>Hello</font></td>

For the popup you will need to have either an ONLOAD or ONUNLOAD in your BODY tag, or you can have an ONMOUSEOVER to drive it depending on where the person mouses over. Can’t specifially give you a script to do this, but you should be able to search for a pop-up script to achieve what you want.

Best would be the following between the <HEAD> tags of the document:

.white { color: #ffffff; }

then in the body of the document, whenever you want something to come out in white, you use the class attribute.

Hello, <SPAN class=“white”>this is white</SPAN> but this isn’t.

You can also insert the class attribute into <A HREF>, <P> and <TD> tags, amongst others.


<P class=“white”>This entire paragraph is white.</P>


<TD class=“white”>Any text within this table cell is white.</TD>

A simple Popup could go like this:

This would go between your <HEAD> tags:

function popup()
var url_name = ‘whatever_URL_you_want.html’;,‘popup_window’,‘width=640,height=576,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes’);

To call it, your link looks like this:

<A HREF=“javascript:popup();”>Link text</A>

ljimm, I think the OP wants the pop-up to happen automatically…so to add on to your excellent javascript…

<BODY onload=“popup();”>


Well I retract then. I don’t think we should condone that sort of thing!



Oh no, oh no, I have added yet another pop-up to teeming, countless, unnumbered millions of those on the Internet~! Bad me, bad me!!