-- would you use it?

If you could have 12mb of webspace and the domain name (yourname) for free, would you use it?

I’m looking into partnering with a company that would let me offer this.

blinks I would SO use that. I really need to make a site which is solely devoted to my writings and such and that would be a great place.

What would it cost, do you think?


Look here, it is ENTIRELY UNREASONABLE to expect me to read posts carefully!

Interesting. I would certainly enjoy having access to such webspaces.


Currently I offer 2mb free on but the url is which is sort of unwieldy. Most people use it for image hosting and stuff. This other deal would actually be hosted off-server for me which would be nice, since my server’s 80gigs is filling up. The only downside is that it would have a small ad at the bottom. I could get rid of that for $50/month but I don’t got that kinda cash.

Why YES!

I am procrastinating on a web comic I wanted to create and one of the reasons is indeed the lack of space.

But, just in case I begin early (yeah right) I need to ask: does fathom still offers 2 MB of free space?

Regarding the possible new 12MB web space: Does the domain name comes with e-mail?

I’d use it.

Why yes Opal! You will also answer my question even before I post!!! :slight_smile:

I have multiple domains, but I don’t link to them here (paranoid about my privacy). However, I would like to have a bigger and better “yosemitebabe” web site than the one I currently have on EarthLink (the one I link to in my profile). So yeah, if it’s free, I could deal with the ad on the bottom just fine. And I’d appreciate your generosity for offering 12 MBs!

Some other questions: Would this free web space come with ftp access? Would I be able to use Dreamweaver with it? What are the exact features of this free web space? (Not that I am trying to be picky, just curious!)

Well, honestly, I probably wouldn’t. Then again, it’s because the URL you already gave me ( would remain shorter. If I can snag myself a redirect, count me in.

I might, if I ever manage to finish the bit of writing I’ve been trying. It sounds like a decent deal.

Any chance at supporting server-side includes?

If I ever got ambitious enough to make myself a nice webpage, I’d consider it… right now, though, I’d have to decline. I’m far too lazy and busy at the present moment to be ambitious about anything but college.

To the first, yes it does and always will that I can foresee.

To the second, I’m working on that. I currently offer web-based email for some of my domains but I’m unhappy with the company that I do that through. I’m in the process of setting it up for with a different company.

You would have to register your email address separately, but yes, you can have it.

FTP - yes
Dreamweaver - yes
Features - I don’t know yet. :slight_smile:

I doubt it. :frowning:

Hell yes I did use it! :smiley:

Count me in!

With the way I bounce around the country and world, I’d kill for something like this . . .

Even for a nominal fee. . .

Need support? Gimme a call.