Hubby has broken neck, sort of

Well, MRIs are clear, he has blown disks and a cracked vertebra in his neck, along with arthritis. The doctor did not put him on bed rest, because of the arthritis in other bits will get worse, but told him to try to avoid doing anything that hurts or makes his neck pop and click. The doctor had prescribed some really effective anti inflamatory but whent he swelling went down, hubby’s neck got rapidly more painful and the clicking got worse. He can’t turn his head to the side, and any neck movement at all is very painful. No collar as that might move his neck in a dangerous way. They say there will be surgery, soon, but what type has yet to be determined.

BTW the whole coffee thing- the doctor said to keep up with a moderate coffee level, but that he did not show signs of the lows spinal fluid levels. The don’t know what is wrong with him in that regards but said coffee is a complex substance and caffiene pills are no substitute. It amy well just be the blood pressure raising that coffee does, or it could be more complicated. He has finally caught up with his sleep and his photophobia got better.

Did he have some sort of accident or is this the result of some sort of long term condition?

I ask because I’ve had chronic neck pain (for no reason the doctors can figure out :confused:) for most of my life. I crunch and pop my neck many many times a day and I’m afraid I’ll end up breaking it one day.

No accident that we are aware of, but then he is one to forget things. His arthritis is a chronic condition, I am not sure why the one is cracked though. It is at a bit of an angle to the rest of them as well. They gave us a CD of th MRI.

lee, I’m really sorry your husband’s having problems.


I have to say that a CD of the MRI would be amazing!

I love modern technology.

We have one of his neck and his brain. It is pretty amazing. I noticed two thin spots in the menengies in the back of his head. THe docotor later confirmed that was thinner than it should be.