Ow. My neck.

I had to go to the ER at 5AM Saturday. I’d been having neck pain since Tuesday, and even went to the Chiro on Friday. When the pain woke me Saturday morning, it was 3x worse than it had been before.
Turns out I have a pinched nerve in my neck. They gave me some pain meds, a muscle relaxer, and some steroids. I plan on seeing my Primary tomorrow (Monday) to see what exactly is pinching the nerve. Meanwhile, even though I’m doped up, I’m still in pain. :eek:
Thank God my Mom is here.

Dopers on dope. And steroids. Make sure to do lots of exercise while you have this advantage.

And if you need me to swing by to give you a relaxing massage, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for the offer Shibb, but I don’t want anyone near my neck right now. Couldn’t get seen by the doc today, but I do have a 9AM appt. tomorrow.

I think the culprit is my laptop bag. I was hauling my laptop back and forth to school 11/7-10, then again on the 14th. The strap was on my left shoulder with the bag around my body so the laptop was on my right hip. I was doing a powerpoint presentation to my 8th graders on courses of study in High school. I woke up in pain on the 15th.

Oh what a wonderful Thanksgiving this will be!

My rough and tough husband is going through exactly this right now. He was damn near in tears last week, but the drugs seem to be working. I really thought he was gonna die or something. Nasty shit, those pinched nerves.

Take it easy and I hope you get better. I had sciatica for 2 months and no amount of drugs(prescription or street ) alleviated my pain . It just went away on it’s own . I feel what you’re saying. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Doc today gave me two shots. One was a more powerful painkiller, the other a more powerful muscle relaxer. She also gave me prescriptions for those same drugs in tablet form. She thinks it’s all muscular, and wrote a prescription for 12 sessions of massage therapy. The first one is scheduled for Friday morning.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.

See, the offer of my services was appropriate.
I could also give you a nice foot massage.

I had a pinched nerve in my neck last year and I feel (felt) your pain! They’re horrible! Not only painful but an electric current seemed to be coursing through my left arm constantly (unless I put my left arm up and curled over my head-I swear!) Impossible to sleep, too. Only muscle relaxers and physical therapy helped. It finally went away and made me newly appreciative of the lack of pain!

Only if you don’t tell my husband. :wink:

I can live with that.

Same thing here. My arm is starting to hurt because it’s been propped on my head so much. The new meds seem to be working, though. At least now I’m not exclusively looking at the floor.

But you haven’t seen my feet. They’re incredibly…


Had ya there for a minute, didn’t I?

What are you, a polar bear?

Carm6773 I’m glad you’re feeling better. Massage therapy is a wonderful thing. Go and enjoy.

Shibb go buy a copy of Penthouse or take a cold shower. GEEZ! :stuck_out_tongue:

One more thing. I clicked on my first google ad because of this thread. I just had to know about the Sacro Wedgy. Of course the word wedgy is enough to cause me to <snerk>, but combined with Sacro, I was thinking, hmmm… that’s one sacrament they left out of catechism class. I learned that Sacro Wedgies come in pink and blue.

Nah, 'cause all polar bears are left handed, and I am most definitely right handed.

Shibb won’t need to take a cold shower, Swampy. All he’ll have to do is walk outside tonight. I heard it’s supposed to only be in the 40s tomorrow AM.

My sympathies. I’ve been wrestling with the chronic version of pinched nerves for a few years now and, boy, does it suck.

This past summer, I had a two-hour written final exam which caused such a painful neck spasm that it put me back into physical therapy for three weeks. I’m looking for a massage therapist so it doesn’t happen again. I now take Motrin and baclofen when it really gets bad.

If you can stand heat, those heat patches work miracles.


Talk about education being bad for your health! I’m going to try one of those IcyHot Patches and see if it works.


Forget the Icyhot. Get the Thermacare. Those things will cook you right up.