I'm On Muscle Relaxers and I Feel Fine

Forgive me if this post isn’t the most coherent…

Last week I was at the gym doing seated cable rows. I followed this up with some flies with a new weight for me. About halfway through the set if felt a SEARING pain right under my right shoulderblade. I’m talking red hot poker stuffed up under that sucker and scrambled around. I’m talking major league hurting.

I hied myself into the steam room for about 30 minutes thinking that the heat might ease it up a bit. No such luck. A hot sauna didn’t help, and a hot shower didn’t do anything but turn my toes into prunes.

It hurt like eight motherfu…well, it hurt a lot for the entire week and I finally knuckled under and went to the dr. today. After xrays and an MRI, he verdict:

“Well, Mr. Plnnr, you’ve herniated another disc (I have a bad disc in my lower back). This one is located right here in your neck (C4-C5 for you anatomists out there). The muscles in your neck and shoulder have gone into spasm and are compressing a nerve. I’d imagine that it hurts pretty bad, eh?” Yes, young Dr. Kildare, or Ben Casey, or whoever the hell you are, it does hurt. Alot.

After a cortisone shot in the neck, a prescription for Celebrex, and some muscle relaxers that would sedate all the blue-hairs at a Wayne Newton concert I am now, officially, pain free. I could learn to like these little pink pills.

Well then, there will be no partying for you tonight, mister. No drinking, no driving, no strippers, nothing.

Sleep tight.

Oh, I don’t know. I’ve met a few strippers who’d like to be with a guy on muscle relaxers (especially if he’s willing to share).

Okay, did anyone besides me look at this thread and think about Paul McCartney singing it?

“I’m so glad, I got these little pills!
They’re so great, they’re curing all my ills”

:: d&r ::


I just gotta ask, what are the name of your muscle relaxers? I’ve been on three different kinds for back spasms and none of them do anything.
(skelaxin, flexeril,and now zanaflex)

I’ve been on Norflex for almost a year for my back. Can’t say that I don’t feel anything because I do, but it’s a lot less intense than it would be if I wasn’t taking it…

At one point a couple of months ago I didn’t get my prescription renewed in time, so I went a couple of days without. My gawd, I thought somebody was trying to twist a knife through my sacrum…:eek:

What I wonder is that, after taking muscle relaxants for awhile, their effect diminishes…:confused:

I can totally sympathize, plnnr. Thanks to a Pepsi semi truck last July, I’ve been living on muscle relaxers ever since, and my lower back still managed to spasm enough to pinch a nerve/disk in my lower back. L4,5 for those who wonder. While over time many things have finally gotten better for me, easier to do, etc; many other things are still beyond what my back will tolerate.

I finally allowed my back specialist to inject directly into 3 of my facet joints some serious steroid/anti-inflammatory/pain killer mix twice now. That has helped a huge amount, but I am praying that a third round won’t be necessary. Numbing that pain and continuing the muscle relaxers (I’m on Robaxin at the moment) are giving me a lot of my life back.

Still, there are days I wonder if those relaxers are doing me any good at all. Then I forget to take some and am forcibly reminded that they do help. Drugs are our friend. Better living through chemistry, as a friend would say.