Hubby is in Hospital for a Hickey

Friday, Hubby came home from work with a hickey on his leg. Well at least it looked like a hickey or love bite - Deep red bruise about 2 inches above his ankle. He hadn’t hit it or bruised it and we didn’t see any vampires or wayward women so we ignored it.

Saturday, hickey was about the size of his hand with a pink swirl going over his ankle. We went to the Doc-in-the-box (fast service, minor emergencies) and the doc gave him an antibiotic shot and a prescription for pills and said if it got worse go to the real emergency room at the hospital. That night Hubby had fever and chills.

Sunday, Hickey was basically the entire lower leg, foot and all. So off we go to the emergency room with a bag packed, just in case. They do sonagrams of the leg and blood cultures. Diagnosis: Phlebitis, Cellulitis and Deep Vein Thrombosis. There is a clot in his leg that is either a cause or a symptom of the infection. No idea where the infection came from. Hubby is on IV antibiotics and blood thinners. Prognosis: good, but he’ll have to wear a support stocking. Hubby says 45 is too young for that, but he’d like to keep his leg, so vanity is out the window. Doctor says this is just bad luck.

So, I’m finally home. I’ll go back this afternoon and stay until late. Doctor won’t let me stay overnight again, said I needed to save my strength. :rolleyes: My cats think I’m a traitor and won’t have anything to do with me. And I’m going to bed.

{{{DeVena}}}…so sorry to hear of your troubles.

Hope Hubby and you are feeling better soon.

Sounds like a hickey from hell indeed :frowning: I had a reaction similar once from a spider bite. I do wish him a speedy recovery! And yes, get some rest so you can properly pamper your Mr.

Sorry DaVena. Is this something he can get past or will it be with him from now on?

Thank you all - I’m just about to go back to the hospital now.

He’ll be in the hospital at least through Wednesday, if not longer. Once it’s cleared up, he may get the cellulitis again - I’m being taught how to recognize it and get him in to the hospital quickly - because this will have damaged his tissue. The clot, which is a big worry, should go away, but Hubby’ll be on blood thinners for several months.

And funny you should mention spiders, chattywine… Hubby was spiderbit on the other leg about 2 months ago. No trouble with this leg before this. He wore cowboy boots on Friday, and the doctor wanted me to check and see if the was anything in the boot. Doubtful, but I’ll check.

Thanks again for your kind words - we need all the help you can send right now.

This is not a bump… It’s an UPDATE.

Hubby is home and wanted me to thank you all for the support. Here is his post.

Hello all

Yes this is Hubby…

I was released from the the Tower of Torture today … … I was sent home
to battle the dreaded swollen ankle/leg monsters on my own … with the
help of the medicine Warfarin (coumadin) and a 5 day supply of

My It’s hard to slay the great enemy of Time and Gravity… and not having
moved or been allowed out of bed for 5 days has made even a trip down the
hall a great adventure…

DeVena is glad I am home…(understatement) and after the cats first saw me…
then loved me… then would have Nothing to do with me… I have been put
in my place… LOL… Makes you feel loved to know… Hi ! glad your
home… rub rub rub … where have you been? rub… Hummph… turn and
walks away and goes under the bed… and will not come back out…

The Doc wants me to stay down and rest for the weekend… not the strick bed
rest I was on … but don’t do much of anything rest… I have to go back on
Monday Morning for him to check my blood lvls… and to Regulate the Warfarin
in my system…

Thank you all for your thought and prayers


Gad to hear things are sorted out, DeVena and Hubby.

Based on your husband’s description of kitty behavior, seems he’s in good spirits and will pull through this :slight_smile:

Yikes, good luck and fast healing!

Yikes, good luck with that! I had DVT as a post-surgical complication a few years back, and lemme tell ya, blood thinners suck. I’m sure you already know this, but keep a very careful eye on him for bruising, bleeding, etc.

They are also a very difficult thing to regulate, as your body changes with various levels of excercise/movement, and even with diet. Talk to your doc about Vitamin K, and especially about green leafy vegetables and grapefruit juice, both of which can have adrastic effect on blood clotting ability. My doc actually told me NOT to eat green leafy vegetables, because they could counteract the blood thinners. Even so, my dose fluctuated wildly,sometimes ranging from 1 mg one day to 10 mg the next.

Oh my. DeVena, make sure he understands that “taking it easy” really means that. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that means “no jumping jacks, but normal activity is generally okay.” No, it’s not. sit or lie down, put those legs up, and if you need some more ice in your lemonade, make DeVena get it for you.

Ouch! Glad to see he’s feeling better. :slight_smile: