Huckabee makes a racist appeal in South Carolina and nobody cares

Christopher Hitchens nails it in this article.

We all knew that Huckabee was a homophobe and an anti-science idoit. Now we know that he is willing to make blatant appeals to racist sentiment. Too bad the media is hardly covering this story.

Fuck Huckabee and anyone that would support him.

i wonder if any fat people will vote for him.

Depends on the size of the vo…tin…ah, fuck it.

If they do, can we call them disgusting?

Fat people can’t vote. They can’t fit in the booths, and their fat fingers can’t avoid pressing multiple selections on the touch screens.

Now that you mention it, I remember seeing a clip of that. It is kind of amazing that a bigger deal was not made of it.

I can’t believe no one is making a big deal of the fact that his son tortured and killed a dog for fun.

Is his son fat? The dog?

Hmm. I wonder if this will get as much attention as that phony race war between the pro-Hillary and pro-Obama camps?

This being a “liberal” media and all, I’m sure it will!


And, it looks like Huckabee gave a videotaped speech to the Council of Conservative Citizens, formerly known as the infamous White Citizens Councils of the 1960’s.

This guy is nutty.

But he’s the anointed of Jay-sus, and that’s all that really counts.


Uh oh. You do know that Chuck Norris is gonna come after you now, don’t you?
(see here: )

Phony in the sense that it ain’t happenin’, or in that what the camps are saying is bollocks?

Phony in the sense that I feel like it was mostly a media driven bullshit of a story.


He’s a pussy. John McCain is gonna send his 95-year-old mother to wash his mouth out with soap.

You’ve got it all wrong, man. Seriously. The Dems can still screw this up. Except if Huckabee gets the nomination. Even Edwards could beat him.

Of course, it’s also rich that he resents anybody coming in to an individual state and telling them what to do with their flag.

But let a state decide on its own how to handle, say, abortions or gay marriage?


Can’t have any of that! Time for a Constitutional Amendment! :rolleyes:

Oh, good, a chance to link to one of my favorite *Onion * photos:

Georgia Adds Swastika, Middle Finger To State Flag

I’m SO glad he has no chance in hell of winning.

Well, dang, he just lost my vote.