Huckabee's 2016 bid

He just announced (video)

Any chance at getting the nomination?

We have a better chance of seeing Huckabee open up an abortion clinic. He’s there to drive up his publicity with the right wingers so that he can command higher speaking fees, book sales, and a Fox News gig. He can’t win and he knows it.

He has about as much chance as the rest of the pack. He’s a former governor with good name recognition and a “nice guy” persona. He is socially very conservative (obviously) and I have no idea what his foreign policy would be like (other than “not Obama”) I actually think he has a chance with his “positive message” and “good communicator” credentials.

I should add that I would never vote for him and I disagree with him on everything. I just think he’s well positioned in the Republican primaries as “not obviously crazy.”

Except for wanting the US to be a Christian theocracy, he’s basically a nice man. He has compassion for the poor, which disqualifies him from the nomination.

He alread has/had a Fox News gig.

He’ll get a sweeter deal if he can win Iowa and drop out after New Hampshire.

So, what’s your take on it? No one on the list looks like they have a chance, but one of them has to win it.

Go with the money. Jeb Bush is the Romney of '16.

He was firmly against increasing the minimum wage in Arkansas.

You don’t get far in Arkansas opposing Walmart.

um… actually, is there a minimum number of votes somebody has to get to win the nomination? Or do they just give it to whoever gets the most votes, even if it’s, say, 27?

Seriously? You need the votes of a majority of the delegates at the convention, and there can be as many rounds of voting as it takes for that to happen. It’s been a pro-forma thing for the last few decades, since most delegates are selected in primaries now instead of in party caucuses.

Ah, for the days of credentials fights, favorite son nominees, smoke-filled rooms, multiple roll calls, leaving the running mate selection to the convention, platforms that people actually read and cared about … It’s a democratic process now, but the conventions are just pep rallies now.

I doubt Huckabee will get the nomination. People looked him over in 2008 and said “No, thanks.” It’s not like he’s offering anything now that he didn’t offer then.

There’s no McCain or Romney this time. Except, as mentioned, Jeb Bush.

Huckabee can definitely win under the right circumstances. He’s also a formidable general election candidate due to his speaking skills, his congeniality, and his populist positions on the issues:

Huck isn’t really my kind of Republican, but I can’t help but to like the guy.

He’s also kinda batshit insane. Granted, that’s a bonus in the republican primaries.

It may not be enough

The most recent time when you had anything like that was 1976, when Reagan almost took the nomination from Ford.

When governor, he vetoed a bill concerning insurance companies because it contained the words, “Acts of God”.
He sells his mailing list to folks, the latest one selling quack religious cures. :slight_smile:

He’s a former Baptist minister, so you get that as part of who he is. Expecting a Baptist minister turned politician to not get weird about legislation with the word “God” in it would be like expecting a lawyer turned poiltician to not try to get around the law.