Huey, Dewey and Andouille

Honestly my brain is so weird that sometimes* I am embarrassed by it … *okay, lots of times. So anyway, I wake up from a deep sleep with an idea for a spicy sausage made with duck. Now I don’t eat duck, I have raised many baby ducks and never once wanted to eat them but my brain was so intent on this idea that it repeated it over and over before I fell back to sleep and I even dreamed about it so I could remember it when I woke up. The reason my brain seems so obsessed with this idea is that it wants to call the sausage “Huey, Dewey and Andouille”.

So now I started wondering where my brain came up with that and if there was such a thing but I can only find recipes with duck and andouille. Since andouille is made with pork I suppose if it was made with duck it really wouldn’t be andouille anymore?

I don’t suppose anyone could really use that name for a product since Disney won’t like the idea of people grinding up and eating their characters but if you want to call a recipe, band or change your username to that you are welcome to it. Then again, it may not even be as clever as my brain thinks it is.

I still don’t know where the idea came from but I did have Italian sausage for lunch yesterday, not sure where the duck came in.

You were thinking of the Road Runner again, weren’t you?

Possibly, but roadrunner sausage would probably be too dry.

Ever been to a BBQ restaurant in the DC area? It’s no longer on the menu but they used to have pasta & sausage item called Huey, Dewey, and Andouille.

Really? No, I haven’t been there. So there’s no duck in it though?

I’ve been trying to remember if I ever heard it anywhere it just seems so weird and random for my brain to come up with out of the blue like that.

A while ago, on the edge of sleep, my brain came up with “CBS In The Machine”. You know, a TV network that emerges spontaneously from a complex computer network, the way a ghost in the machine is a sentience which emerges from a complex computer network.

In a bizarre way, it makes sense. What is a network, really? A way to fund creators, guide them into more profitable directions, and get their works out in front of an audience. Well, add up Kickstarter, YouTube ranking systems, Reddit, and all of the other share-vote-and-comment link-aggregation websites, and what do you get? [del]Endless fanfic about Dragon!Holmes having his way with Aragorn.[/del] An opinionated mob willing to throw money at creators they like and spread the word about their works. It’s a networked network, emerging spontaneously out of disintermediated communications.

Matt Groening, in his “Life in Hell” series, parodied Donald’s three nephews with his own set of triplets – Screwy, Kablooey, and Ratatouille.

Maybe you were channeling Groening with your Duck Sausage/Andouille idea.

Likely not but I don’t really recall. Their second location is in an area with lots of hotels. Very popular for tourists.

Make the sausage with duck AND pork and you can keep the andouille. To see if it would be worth playing with, you can do a test run by splitting a raw andouille sausage and mixing the innards with ground duck. Fry the mix as sausage patties or cook it in your favorite recipe that includes andouille.

You know you want to check it out. If it tastes really wrong, your brain will let it go. Let us know how it goes.

Just a thought: go with duck boudin.