What's your favorite sausage?

Go ahead and giggle. Get it out of your system…I’ll wait.
Now, to more serious questions. There have to be hundreds, if not thousands of different kinds of sausage made by humankind. Some we eat lots of (hot dogs, breakfast sausage), and most we’ve never even heard of. So…what are your favorites, and why?

Personally, I love chorizo with eggs in the morning, soppresatta on sandwiches, and summer sausage chopped up with veggies for dinner.

Hmmm. I love a good Andouille, and kielbasa is a winner with me, too.

Boerworst is very good - nice and spicy.

Hard to find a good SA butcher here in the UK, but yummy.


Summer sausage!!!

I’ve tried dozens of varieties over the years, but my current favorites are those made by Kewaskum Frozen Foods!

Their Jalapeno sausage is particularly yummy, as is their hungarian variety, with lots of nice paprika! Sadly, you can only get that more exotic stuff directly from their stores, not by their mail-order. Of course their regular stuff is just dandy too.

For eating cold you can’t beat a German Pocket Sausage (aka Hunter Sausage aka Jaegerwurst) .
For cooked a good farmhouse Cumberland Sausage is just about perfect.

I bought Bruce Aidell’s sausage cookbook before he became the grand wazoo sausage king.

His recipe for fresh sweet Italian sausage was stupid good. I remember having to fry little patties of it in order to judge if I had gotten the seasonings right, and I was in danger of frying up the whole damned batch before I stuffed the casings.

I’m glad my meat grinder/sausage stuffing machine broke down.

We’ve got that sausage book, too.

Favorite sausage: homemade spicy elk sausage.

Sausage, sausage, sausage. You know how a word looks funny after you type it a few times? Sausage.

http://img144.imageshack.us/my.php?image=arrrrrrrrrrrrtg3.jpg <—That one could become a favorite… heh heh…

Of the kind that don’t bite back, Trader Joe’s sells a cilantro/beer sausage that’s pretty damned tasty. Turkey Italian sausage is yummy. Chicken apple, heck ya. Garlic summer sausage teamed up with sharp cheese and homemade pickled beans. Chicken basil sundried tomato sausage from WinCo.

Tube steak is a goodness no matter the origin, I guess…

On preview–do I sound like I need to get laid?

I never met a sausage I didn’t like! Probably my favorite is kielbasa, cooked with sauerkraut. Yum yum.

Had linguica for the first time a few summers back while in Provincetown, Cape Cod.
Yum and more yum.


I can’t believe no one has mentioned liverwurst yet. There are days when I would gladly sell my name, reputation, and sacred honor itself for a glorious liverwurst sandwich - on good rye, with deli mustard and raw onions.

When the Gods want to merely tempt us, they appeal to us with greed, lust or pride. When they truly want us to fall, they bring in the liverwurst.

Can you tell I really like liverwurst?

I like sausage. A surprisingly tasty one I became addicted to was a garlic-horse sausage a frituur in Ghent sold. Yum.

Summer sausage, salami, chorizo, a good andouille, all tasty.

And myself, of course.

My family jokes about the fact that every year when I fly down to Texas one of the first things I do is get a five pound box of boudin sausage (which is unavailable in New York) and then eat it for breakfast every morning. Pork is the traditional meat, but my favorite is shrimp boudin.

Sausage. Nature’s perfect food. Canadians, like the English, tend to go for the bland breakfast type. Yecch. I like a spicy chorizo (or chourico), anything jalapeno, merguez, boudin, morcilla, sujuk… no weisswurwst please.

Boudin… Mmmmmmmmmm Boudin on a roll with some creole mustard…

I really like scapple (my white trash roots are showing). My grandparents used to keep hogs and would have fresh scrapple with eggs and homemade biscuits. Man that was good.

Kransky saussies are a delight with fried potato and braised red cabbage.

My favourite deli near work makes their own sausages, and they have one called ‘Toulouse’ which is a peppery pork and garlic mix. And they are SO GOOD.

I loves me some sausage. :smiley:

Mmmm, linguica. Good stuff. I’m also partial to andouille, bockwurst, bratwurst, kielbasa, and hot links. If you’re ever in Berkeley, Top Dog sells really good sausages on rolls, and they have good kraut and several kinds of mustard to put on them.