Huge crush on my plumber! I'm miserable!

Hi! New here though I’ve been lurking for a while. I’m recently divorced and bought my own place. I had to have some major plumbing work done. I hire this plumber to do the work for me and it was lust at first sight! Of course it took him 2 or 3 days to do the job so he was around quite a bit so my infatuation kept growing. I don’t know if he’s married or has a girlfriend (didn’t see a wedding ring) My friends keep telling me to call him and ask him out. I’m just too afraid to do it I guess.
Do guys really like for women to make the first move? Or does it make the women appear desperate?
This whole thing has made me miserable because I like him so much but am too shy to pursue it. Any advice from any of you who have been in a similar position? Someone actually told me to clog up my toilet so that he would have to come back out!!
I’m afraid I can’t afford $75.00 an hour just to look at this guy, so that’s out! What do you guys think?

I suggest calling the plummer to fix something, but when you open the door, have something naughty on, and a devlish smile. See what happens from there…no wait, then he’ll think you’re that way with all of the professionals that stop by, and you don’t want him to be jealous of the Maytag guy, or the UPS guy, etc.

Oh, what to do, what to do?

I suppose calling him to fix your plumbing might not be a bad idea…or is it?

Maybe just printing out this thread and mailing it to him, with a note saying,

“I didn’t know the best way to ask you out and here is what the gang said. Which one do you think would work best?”

I’ve never been rejected when I made the first move. I expected to be rejected but I wasn’t. So you never know. Of course, I only made the first move once or twice and it was years ago and in a different country. Plus, I haven’t had a date since. In fact, I’m probably the last person you should be taking advice from.
In the event that you do decide to take my advice in spite of my warning, don’t blame me for the consequences. That said, my advice is to go ahead and call him. OR accidentally bump into him somewhere if you know of a place where he might be and you might feasibly go without looking desperate. Then, if he rejects you or has a girlfriend or you find that beyond his sexy plumber exterior he is a jerk, you can always call another plumber for your plumbing needs.

I don’t think that a professional relationship between a Woman and her Plumber should be put at risk by the Woman dating the Plumber.

A good Plumber is hard to find. What if things went wrong (romantically) and then your Toilet suffered an Unexpected Blockage? You need to think very carefully about Blocked Toilets before you take the risk of calling the Plumber and asking him for a date.

Men are ten-a-penny (take myself, for instance), but a Good Plumber is worth his weight in, er, Toilet Paper.

i just realized that I didn’t emphasize that you should invite him to check out your plumbing, not the dwelling’s plumbing

Have your florist deliver him a rose a day, with the card reading

Then send one inviting him out on a blind date at a nive restaurant–Dutch Treat .
It’s cute, & he’ll get the message you’re interested.

IMHO they don’t wear wedding rings you know, cause of the stuff they deal with each day…wouldn’t want to get that under your ring.

That’s a wrenching dilemma, but let’s faucet, sometimes you’ve got to take risks! Next time you see him, take the plunge! Pipe up and ask him out. If you’ve just been paid and feeling flush, tell him it’s your treat. On your date, take especial care of your toilette and he’ll be putty in your hands. Of course, your heart may sink and your eyes water if he turns you down (plumbers are flooded with these kinds of offers), but those are the breaks.

Could it be that she just wants to play with his Plumber’s Snake? :smiley:

Okay, I thought Nostradamus was pretty funny trying to sell himself to our love-struck divorcee OP for 0.1p, but Arnold should definitely feel sheepish, because that was baaaaaaaaaaahd.

Fluffy, did you talk at all with him? Do you have any mutual interests, or is it a purely physical attraction? :wink: If you can think of a fairly innocuous pretext (you both like WWF or something), you could invite him to join you with a group of friends for some event. Forward, but safe.

Thanks for all the advice guys! You’ve given me some things to think about.

handy- you could be right about the ring thing. I wouldnt want to wear a ring with my hands in all that mess!

nostradamus- Are you a plumber? If so, do women come onto you?

rubes- great advice! I might have to try some of it!

Cerowyn- Do you think Nostradamus was trying to sell himself to me? Sure, we’ve talked. I do know that he got a divoce at some point in his life, that he was in the military, that he has been a master plumber for about 20 years (I dont know how old he is, I’m 30ish) I know that it’t a physical attraction for me. Just looking at him makes me go weak in the knees! No offense to any plumbers here, but he’s the only good looking plumber I’ve ever seen! In fact, I’m the manager of a HUD subsidized apartment complex and hired him to do a plumbing job over here right after he did mine. Unfortunately, my budget here at work wont allow me to do that very often. I just want to jump him whenever I see him which is very unlike me!! What a dilemna!

Just tell us that he’s not called Mario.


Ok, with a name like “Fluffy” do you think he might be interested?

My real name is not Fluffy, it’s my cats name. Never had any complaints on the way I look or may actual name.
You know, I do have a plumbing issue that I need to call him about. It seems that whenever I flush the toilet in my guest bathroom the back of the tank fills up with hot water! Great excuse to call him!!

And how, pray tell, did you figure out that your tank was filling up with hot water?

Or, perhaps more accurately, what did you do to make your tank fill up with hot water? :smiley:

Best of luck!

Nostradamus, it looks like she knows all about you. No hiding it now. You might as well remove the .1p price tag and help the poor girl out. :wink:

…Dear Penthouse Forum…

I may be cheap but I’m not easy.

I found out that the tank was filling up with hot water when I tried to replace my toilet handle and had to remove the lid to the tank. As soon as I saw the steam coming off of the water, I knew I had toilet issues! I guess the plumber ran the wrong line to the toilet or something. Like I said though, it’s a great excuse to come over! I’ll get my hair done, dress to kill, and when I answer the door, with my luck, his assitant will be standing there!! I dont want the assistant! That would just suck!!!