Huh, apparently Hitler really did have the Spear of Destiny.

I recently bought Constantine (a highly under-rated movie) and after watching it I decided to look up the Spear of Longinus on Wikipedia.

I like to imagine Patton finally capturing the spear from Hitler after an epic fist-fight on top of a speeding tank.

Don’cha just love those Nazis? I will honestly not be surprised when the secret Nazi zombie-super-soldier project being conducted on the dark side of the moon is finally revealed.

I thought Hitler had the Speer of Destiny.


And I thought Hitler had Hammurabi’s Clavichord of Ravening Socialist Propaganda.

I guess that one’s still locked in the Third Lost Tomb of Napoleon somewhere on Easter Island.

Damn! Hubby and in-laws were discussing this just about an hour ago! Spooky! :eek:

Not me. Remember the scene where Indiana Jones shoots the swordsman ?

Hitler : “I hold the Spear of Destiny ! I cannot be beaten ! My triumph is -”

< BANG > < urrrrk > < thud >

Patton : “This ain’t the Dark Ages, pal.”

You’re going to Heil for that pun :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer

Patton : “Here’s a trick mother never showed you.”

Yeah, Hitler had the great Spear of Longinus, fabled Christian relic of unimaginable holy power…

…And he ended up a hunk of his skull sitting in a shoebox in Commie Central for the better part of a century. (After aforementioned godless Red Hordes conquered, ravaged, and basically annexed half his empire.)

Think about it. :wink:

If Hitler was an Evangelion character, who would he be?

I’m guessing Shinji’s dad.

Alas for a good story, I believe the Wikipedia quote is practically lifted from our one source of the Hitler-Spear legend: Trevor Ravenscroft’s THE SPEAR OF DESTINY. Was Hitler interested in the Spear and the Grail? Maybe. Did he have the Spear conficated? Maybe. Trouble is- I have yet to see any credible source for both claims. And btw, it is certain that said Spear is NOT “The Spear”- that IIRC it is MAYBE from the time of Charlamagne (which is pretty cool), but it does hold a nail fragment that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, was part of one of The Nails (but not likely).

Reminds me of a line I saw on another website. “Apparently, Longinus was sixty feet tall and the most badass Roman ever !”

As someone here once quoted Bill Hicks as saying, “A guy says, “I hate Jews,” and I said, “Why?” He goes, “Because they killed my God.” They believe that. If I believed that the Jews killed my God, I’d worship the Jews, 'cause shit, there’s some badasses on that team, man.” :smiley:

Anyway—anyone else see Untergang? Gendo was clearly Goebbels, not Hitler.

I can totally see Asuka screaming "Bring me Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!", though.

I used to know a guy who was into the occult. His theory of World War II:

“The swastika is a powerful symbol of good magic. By making all of those flags and armbands with swastikas on them, the Nazis ensured that the good guys would win the war.”