Huh? Are we supposed to be wearing high-tops again?

That’s what the stores are putting out now. Has anyone else noticed?

I don’t really want to do that. It hasn’t been long enough, they still look like ridiculous relics of a less enlightened time.

And some people are getting designs shaved into their hair again. Why?!

Didn’t you get the memo?

Huh? High tops as in Chuck Taylors?

They’ve been back in for years. I’m not sure they ever left.

I don’t get your problem with them. My Chucks are awesome.

You don’t know the half of it. At you can get what appears to be Chuck Taylors that lace up nearly to your knees. They called them “girly boots.” They also have Chucks in stars & stripes.

Everything eventually becomes cool again if you wait long enough.

I’m just waiting on Hammer Pants to come back in vogue (it’s really a matter of time, actually, since they were all over the streets of Seville this time last year… no joke).

My mum always said to keep your clothes 10 years or so as they’ll come back in style again. I’m waiting for the return of neon everything and those FRANKIE SAY… shirts.

If I remember rightly those Frankie says Relax t-shirts were available in a fairly big chain store in the Uk last year (River Island), so maybe you wont have to long to wait BaneSidhe.