Huh. [RNC spent $2,000 in Hollywood S&M Strip Club]

And spends RNC funds to do it. (The Daily Caller is Tucker Carlson’s site, btw.)

This is hilarious! I don’t care what Steele does or who he does it with, but you better believe I’m going to pop some popcorn and pull up my lawn chair for this one!

Eh. I’m very, very skeptical. I mean, a guy in Steele’s position has to know that anything embarassing in his private life will come out, right? I mean, there are some conservatives who’re foolish enough to open themselves up to something like this - but whatever you may say about Steele, he’s not a fool.

I can’t make a judgment about Steele, specifically, but I don’t think your hypothesis stands up to history: Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Roy Ashburn…that’s just off the top of my head.

A statement from the RNC asserts that this was a billing from a staffer, and that the money will be returned.

No comment from me at this time.

Almost two grand and he settled for an imitation?

Oh, granted - but still, charging nearly two grand at a strip club to an RNC credit card? That sounds … implausible.

So, the story then is that…

…and Steele has no idea that his staffers are out spending RNC funds at strip clubs. And this is the party of fiscal responsibility?

Thank you, Mr. Steele. It’s been almost two weeks since we had a big, juicy sex scandal in this country. I say it’s about time.

Yeah, it’s been months since there’s been GOP member caught doing something against “family values”.

You know, when some people are hired in positions where they must spend company assets, they are given credit cards. There’s no easy way that I know of to restrict a credit card’s use in such a way that it can be used at swanky restaurants and not at places like this club – which, I suspect, bills credit cards somewhat discreetly to avoid irate spouse attention.

So it’s not clear to me how this incident breaches the general concept of fiscal responsibility.

Now, once the funds are expended, of course, internal audit and review procedures should exist to catch improper expenditures. And that appears to have happened here.

So – can you explain specifically in what way this story indicates that the party is lacking in fiscal responsibility?

And in view of the fact that it now seems Steele himself was not responsible for the expenditure, will you apologize and withdraw your insinuation that he was?

So it wasn’t Mr. Steele himself who breached the general concept of fiscal responsibility, just one of his RNC staffers. Whew.

Also, there was this:

You’ve mentioned in the past you have donated to the RNC, Bricker. Do you think the RNC has stewarded your donations well?

Wait a minute, there are things such as S&M strip clubs? Why wasn’t I informed of this? Where can I get a list of such places and discover if any are within easy commute distance? I’ll register as a Republican if that will help. I’m beginning to think I miss out on all the good stuff due to being a member of neither party. I want to part of the party party. Maybe this is why my dad was a Republican precinct judge, he was a filthy bugger. Fortunately he never mastered the home video camera.


This has not been established at all. It only means that the RNC (i.e. Steele himself) has contrived a cover story. Perhaps the story is truthful, perhaps not. It wouldn’t be hard to find a staffer willing to take the bullet. After all, John Edwards got a staffer to say he was the one responsible for knocking up Edwards’ mistress. The RNC itself is not a credible source. Perhaps Steele is innocent, but I’m not going to take the RNC’s word for it.

I’m sure there are people at the strip club who can verify whether Steele was there. The activity itself sounds fairly harmless (topless dancers? That’s practically Disney Channel material these days), the only issue would be the use of RNC funds to pay for it, and that’s fimne with me too. I wuld enthusiastically encourage Steele and all his staffers to keep spending freely.
By the way, I notice the RNC statement does not deny any of the other expenditures alleged against Michael Steele, only the bondage club. To me there is no difference between spending the money on strip clubs or spending it at the Four Seasons. Are they going to get a staffer to take the fall for everything, or just the titty bar?

I’m not Bricker, but I’ll give this a whirl.

First of all, private jets typically get demonized by political opponents and excused pretty conveniently by allies. Here is an example of such.

I will also note that plane ownership or fractional ownership can make good business sense - though I do not know that it does in this case.

I will also note that many private planes are made by skilled American workers in highly paid, unionized manufacturing jobs. My company makes a line of planes and engines - these took a pretty big hit when certain politicians attacked private planes just to score political points with their constituents.

My biggest problem with the RNC is that they have lost some elections lately - if they turned that around I wouldn’t care if they owned a whole squadron of planes.

I’m not foolish enough to link the two issues - I’ll leave that to political opponents who can always be trusted to do so.

Yes, until they name the idiot that did it and make him/her come forward and confess at a press conference with spouse stone faced in the background that he/she is the fool who blew (ha!) $2,000 of donor money at the S & M club we have to assume that they are covering up for someone more important. Like Steele. Or Bricker. If we have to know the names of Justice Department lawyers who consulted pro bono for Gitmo detainees, shouldn’t the family valueless crowd have to open its closet?

Now, can we all yell “Sex Scandal!” like Animal House fans yelling “Road Trip!” and get this media feeding frenzy on with, or shall we just let it go, because it was done by a Republican?

You deleted the part of the article I was referring to when I questioned how fiscally responsible the RNC is. Namely, that they started in the black, raised $96+ mill, and are now in the red. They’re doing that badly financially and that hasn’t motivated them to run a tighter ship? I was really just poking fun at them, anyway - I couldn’t care less how far into debt they run. The more luxury hotels and S&M clubs, the better!

This didn’t come to light because they ran an internal audit. It was spotted in the FEC filings by an outsider. Self-policing FAIL.

No, it hasn’t been established that he was not at the club. And I didn’t “insinuate” anything. I outright said that he likes to hang out at S&M strip clubs! :stuck_out_tongue:

So the RNC going $3.9 million in the red, you’re cool with that?

Why eat popcorn when you can dine like royalty. All you need is an invitation from Pelosi to ride “Air Force Two” and you can drink your way from coast to coast on the finest booze tax money can buy.

Months? You’re very generous!

Oh, well, then okay. Everything’s fine then. My mama must have been wrong about that “two wrongs don’t make a right” thing. Does that make you feel better about where your RNC donations went?