Hulu's "The Path" fanboy appreciation thread, FULL SPOILERS don't click if U didn't see full series

Just finished season one, with season 2 on the way 2017.

Very entertaining series. The key performance in it is Hugh Dancy as Cal, the psychologically flawed but highly charismatic leader of the cult. Great subplots with Eddie and Sarah’s family, as well as their son and girlfriend.

The last scene of season one is a complete shocker.

Anyone else watch this show? Must be, since they re-upped the fucker! :D:D:D

Oh my gosh someone else watched this! I have really enjoyed it so far.

So it IS just us! I’m really surprised that this show isn’t more popular with Dopers, especially with Aaron Paul being the star. Everyone on the show does a fine job and I love how they address how attractive these cults can be and that they may start out with perfectly fine intentions.

Not just you! I really enjoyed Hugh Dancy in this. And Kathleen Turner as his hideous mom.

Can you spoiler box the last scene for me? I watched the entire first season but don’t remember any shocker at the end.

Me neither! I only think of Cal killing the guy in his house but that wasn’t at the very end.