Human and natural justice (for those who believe in the latter)

For people who believe that there is some kind of natural moral law that governs our lives, what is the point of human justice?

If God’s will or the law of Karma will bring Justice to those who break the law, why bother with human justice?

Also if the human justice system finds someone guilty and incarcerates them, is that then considered to be natural Justice being done?

Also if you believe in natural Justice you have to consider that every crime while requiring the application of Justice must also be considered to be Justice in action. So if someone is murdered (according to the natural moral law theory), that would require Justice, but the person who was murdered must have been receiving punishment for some earlier transgression.

Where does human justice fit in with this?

In my view human justice and natural justice have very little to do with one another.

Let me see if I can explain…

Human ‘Justice’ isn’t about inflicting carefully balanced punishment to counteract a person’s misdeeds. In a physical sense, some misdeeds cannot be counteracted, so it’d be foolish to try.

Our system of punishment and incarceration has two purposes.

One, it removes dangers to society. Whether that’s by locking them up and throwing away the key, or some program of rehabilitation.

Two, the threat of it deters future criminals. Sure, we have high crime rates in some places… but think how much higher they’d be if there was no threat of human justice.

Why is human justice necessary? To preserve society. Some folks just don’t believe in a “natural” justice, and never will. If you don’t believe me, try telling the next guy who mugs you that he better not, cause he’ll go to Hell. Jail, on the other hand, is a tangible thing that everyone can believe in… and while the threat of it does not deter every criminal, it likely deters many.