Human Interpretation of Radio Signals

I’m sorry that I haven’t put much thought into the topic already but I am curious abuot Radio waves (from Radio Stations) and I was wondering if it would be possible to finetune one’s brain (without the use of any equitment) to be able to interpret such signals in any form. And further more into thier true message. This seems inpossible, but I am always interested in attempted to reach a higher level of control of my brain (in this question, I most likely use a much lesser form ;-P). Also, that would be at anypoint slightly possible, what about of Television Broadcasts? Sidenote: If it would not be possible with radio waves, would there be any types of non-sound waves that could inturn be heard? -Coolguyz00

My WAG is this would already be commercialized!

Remember the “Futurama” where they advertise in your dreams?!?