Humbled, I stand before you (or, Boy am I asking for it)

It’s ok, Struuter; I liked some of Abba’s stuff, and I like Ace of Base today.

We can go into therapy together, if you like! :slight_smile:

Weird, vague kismet today…I’m just listening to Joanie Mitchell’s Blue and now I get your offer. I’m up for tag-team therapy if you are. Thanks for the invite. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about it, struuter. I like ABBA a lot. I used to listen to them pretty often until Mom made me give back her tapes. :wink: I also am a big fan of Ace of Base. I’ve never seen these “A-Teens” but they sound a little too teeny-bopper for my taste.


:Sticks head from closet door:

Okay, damnit! I admit it! I probably know the words to almost every ABBA and Air Supply song! I have two older sisters! The lyrics must have entered through osmosis! I have been humming ABBA tunes all morning thanks to this thread! I am NOT happy about it!!!

:Heads back into closet singing “Take a Chance on Me”:

Not only did I own ABBA Gold, but I owned MORE ABBA Gold. (both were stolen, along with the rest of my CDs. I have only replaced Gold.) I also know that there is a Spanish version. And I am not in the least ashamed to admit it. Hell, it sure as shit isn’t Verdi, but for what it is, happy pop music, it’s fantastic. Sure as hell beats any of the insipid little teenie groups running around today.

And I can do the entire “Mamma Mia” sequence move-for-move from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. And I know all of their names. So struuter, never fear, I am WAY bigger dork then you are.

He’s big in GERMANY . Please don’t lump the rest of us Europeans into this. :slight_smile:

A THOUSAND apologies, yojimbo. Truly. I guess I should have just said “elsewhere.”

I don’t care that much for ABBA.

But I really like ELO. I even liked Xanadu because of the kick ass ELO soundtrack.

And yeah, I do like Ace Of Base.

Have to admit I have Gold - only ABBA I have, and not played much, but I do…

Trion - wasn’t “Angel Eyes” someone else - think it was a blind guy who played guitar sitting down…

I have ABBA Gold, but only on vinyl. I love that Eurovision, Pure Pop sound of their’s. Vapid, asexual, in one ear and out the other. Not art, but 24kt Top Forty.

I can hi-jack my own thread,can’t I? dropzone, ‘vapid’ has got to be one of the coolest words. Sounds like something made-up by Lewis Carroll for The Jabberwocky. I don’t hear that word often…but that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Sorry, lurkernomore but that is indeed an ABBA song. blahedo remembers it as well. I suppose someone else could have covered it though.

Just to be sure, I looked it up on It was off the Voulez-Vous album and is actually one word. “Angeleyes”

Don’t you feel better for knowing? :wink:

Är du?? Jag tänkte att du var judaisk. Wow, now you’re even cooler.

…it’s two words on the Jeff Healey band version. I know someone who went to a wedding, saw the hymn “Joy to the World” listed, and thought they were going to play 3 DOg Night…

OMG, Air Supply! When I first heard them I was just entering puberty, which wasn’t very kind to me. I was overweight. Anyway, I was upset because I was convinced no man would ever want me. I’d listen to Air Supply and fantasize.

I remember thinking, “Someday, someone is going to sing, ‘Girl you’re every woman in the world’ to me and mean it”.
I’m still waiting.

However, an old bf did sing “Cherry Pie” to me. Woohoo! :rolleyes:

No need to be ashamed, Chief, Air Supply rocks. Of course, my taste in music is pretty eclectic, and spans many generations. (My sister was eleven when I was born, so I was listening to REAL rock 'n roll in utero. Then there were two boys, so we moved on to the next generation of “good” music. Depending on who you talk to, I guess.)

The thing about Air Supply, for me, is that they sang really good harmony. And I am a pushover for that, as you would see if I started listing all the "best of genre (IMHO) groups in my CD collection. Beach Boys ring a bell?

My other favorite thing is songwriters who sing their own songs. Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Diamond (and I am not ashamed of it,) JD Souther, Don McLean…the list goes on and on.

Groovin’ tonight to the “Best of the Everly Bros”

Hey, MaryAnn-

Maybe if you talk REAL sweet to the Chief, he’ll sing it to you. After all, he knows all the words—whether he’ll MEAN it or not is another question. Have you SEEN how that man flirts?


Yes, Scotticher, I know how he flirts! So…

Oh, Cheiffie…please sing it to me? batting big brown eyes