Humbled, I stand before you (or, Boy am I asking for it)

It is with overwhelming trust I even bring this up at all. In faint hopes of finding that I’m not the only one…here’s the scenerio:
I’m fixing dinner last night and the kids are watching some kid-oriented channel. All of a sudden I hear the nasally whining of prepubescent voices singing what I thought was un-coverable. Dancing Queen. So I go check it out and…yes, a blond, a brunette, and two basically non-descript boys bouncing around a 70s style dance floor. My daughter is glued to the screen, my son sits with his typical look of disgust.
So I’m prompted to dig out my ABBA Gold cd and pop it in. Just so the kids can hear the original version.

I am nearly ashamed at what I’m about to write…
I listened to the whole thing. It was awesome. Sweden’s reigning disco quartet covered everything from historical analogies to love (Waterloo) to the on-going fight for liberation (Fernando). SOS, The Name of the Game, Mama Mia–for god’s sakes! Is it too late for me? I was just a babe when all this happened the first time. Husband wouldn’t come down stairs until it was “safe.” My family won’t look me in the eye…they’re talking in whispers behind my back and to my face they speak gently and slowly. They nod and pat my arm a great deal. I even caught my son hiding my double-disk Best of the Carpenters.
I consider you all my trusted friends. Have I lost it? Be gentle. Please.

Struuter, take a deep breath and relax.

The monstrosity you witnessed was The A-Teens, a Swedish teen band that only releases covers of Abba songs. Yes, it’s a travesty.

And now for the ashamed admission: I like to think of myself as having fairly discerning tastes. Alongside my rows of David Holmes, Air, Red Snapper, Moby and Verve CDs, I have nestled safely a copy of Abba’s Gold. Even more ashamed admission: as a university student, I used to come back to my flat, absolutely slaughtered on cheap beer, having (as usual) failed to pull, and put on “The Winner Takes It All” on an endless loop, passing out into an alcoholic sleep thinking, “But the lyrics were so true!”.

I’m not a proud man.

ABBA and Ace of Base are the two main reasons I would be ashamed to admit I am Swedish. I want absolutely nothing in common with them. I’m afraid I see a family intervention in your near future.

I know Erasure did an album of ABBA covers; wasn’t “Dancing Queen” among them?

Oh, struuter, fear not. You are not alone. I too grew up listening to ABBA and like them to this day. “Angel Eyes”? Genius. Makes me sound gay doesn’t it. Well, I don’t care.

OK, everybody. Stop looking at me like that.

A-Teens are Swedish?!

pulling out tattered notepad and writing

Three reasons not to admit I’m Swedish…”

God bless you,sir. You’ve very nearly saved my sanity. I was willing, upon provocation, to use my “Well-the-two-guys-did-write-the-music-for-Chess” rationale. But I was hoping not to be forcing into that. It was a long shot at best.
Verily did my own daughter say to me, “Hey, mom! You know ALL the words!”
The pride and shame fought inside me…

There is nothing we can do!

I gave my dad Abba Gold for Christmas once and definitely lived to regret it as it never came out of the stereo-not once - for a solid month while I was home. But in small doses, accompanied by frequent fits of giggles, I’d say it’s ok to listen and even (with the lights turned down) dance. :o

From the band profile at (I think this might work as a direct link):


Air Supply.

My sister played them nearlyconstantly. I know all the words. Somewhere, deep inside, I dig 'em.

I am ashamed.

I;m Swedish, Olentzero.

I don’t like ABBA, though. Never have, never will. Sorry, struuter. I think you need some help. :wink:

You mean there are people out there that don’t have ABBA Gold? Christ! Get on the ball people! Mama Mia is near perfection. I get a smile just thinking about it.

I’m starting to see a pattern here…our Swedish friends are fairly adamant about their dislike. I find that to be pretty understandable. I hear David Hasselhoff is big over in Europe and…well, my mother said if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. So I guess it goes both ways.

Chief, about Air Supply. My MOTHER, (the woman who can’t remember lyrics to save her life) loved them and sang their stuff all the time. Making up lyrics where it suited her. You have my support. I’ll be your AS sponsor if you like.

I love 80s dance music. It’s the reason I go to Sky on Tuesday and not Unity on Friday like any normal Montrealais faggot.

…the stars so bright…Fernando!

I love Abba, and I have two married friends who have “dance parties” on Saturday nights (clear away the furniture and dance) who ALWAYS have Abba playing. Be not ashamed!

Oh, did I mention I’m a Weird Al fanatic?

The hubby (41) LOVES ABBA. I (29) don’t get it.

But I love him anyway.

Kids in the house are wild for Weird Al. My favorite? Alternative Polka.
I’m probably most ashamed of knowing all the words to the Space Ghost cd.
Caught the eleven year old saying, “Harriet. Sweet Harriet. So trusting. So knowing. So love…ed?”
I am not a good parent.

Not at all! I think that ABBA are one of the all time great bands. I’m only 22, so some of the songs predate me entirely; the rest were released when I was very, very young, so I never actually listened to them until three or four years ago, when my dad got the Gold CD. At which time I found out that they were his favourite band, and discovered that they were one of mine too. (New ammo for the music-in-the-womb theory, I guess.) Although I have to admit, I really don’t like “Dancing Queen” very much—it’s okay, but I really get sick of the fact that most people hear ABBA and think of that. There’s so many better songs in their repertoire! “Angel Eyes” and “The Piper” are pieces of art.

ABBA Gold? Love that album. Oddly enough, however, I don’t like the song Dancing Queen.

There’s a fun tribute band called Bjorn Again I actually paid money to see a few years ago.

Erasure did a cover of several ABBA songs, as someone said. Take a Chance on Me being one of them, others escape me.

Gosh this gave me chills.

My second year in college I shared a dorm room with a Barbara Striesand fan. The guy had every album she’d ever made or had an appearance. Every time I came back to the room there was Ms. Nose, singing away. The irony of it all is that my roommate had failed to bring any media by which he could actually play all those albums. He used my (rather inexpensive) player. I hope that the grooves that he cut in all the albums reduced them to apple peel.

Excuse me, I have to convulse now…

There’s nothing more fun than going into a trendy bar (you know, where everyone is dressed in black and has very serious eyewear), filling up the jukebox with every Abba, Journey, and Willie Nelson song you can find, and watching people’s reactions. A friend of mine once orchestrated nearly an hour of Journey, interspersed with “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” every third song or so. Chaos ensued.

Oh, and speaking of the end of civilization: Rumor has it that Britney SPEARS covered THE ROLLING STONES on her latest album. Anyone heard it? I’m sort of curious to hear it, just to see if my ears will start bleeding.