Hummer of the Gods!

No, not divine blow jobs, but a huge off-road vehicle designed to show those Antarctic penguins just who was boss!

55 feet, 75K pounds, and 300 HP of penguin crushing power!!! [Insert Tim Allen grunting] They had to abandon her due to the outbreak of WWII, and she’s said to still be lurking under the ice. Wonder if that sucker’ll still start?

That’s pretty amazing. Do they have any idea where it’s located? If it hasn’t been crushed by the ice, or submerged, I’d guess it would be relatively simple to restore and place in a museum, perhaps rthe Smthsonian. Starting the engines shouldn’t take all that much effort. Low humidity and temp. should provide excellent preservation.
Sounds like a project worth pursuing if they know the approximate location.
One thing puzzles me, why wouldn’t they design a track vehicle, even in that day and age?

Supposedly, it’s trapped in the ice near one of the US camps down there. However, the source I read this in, isn’t particularly reliable, and it’s well over a decade old, so things might have changed since then. Getting something that big and heavy out of there would be pretty tricky, I’d think. It would be nice if it could be done, however. Once they got it free, it probably wouldn’t be that hard to get it up and running, even if the engines, etc. were shot. Some years ago folks tried to get a WW II bomber out of a glacier and fly it back to the States. They would have pulled it off if it hadn’t been for a minor bolt breaking which lead to the plane catching fire.