Humongous commercial toilet paper rolls.

You know, the paper they use in many public restrooms: the huge rolls that are only a few inches wide. Have the people responsible for these things actually used them? Do they know how difficult it is to use? The paper never tears the way you want it to, and you wind up using more than is necessary, just to accommodate all the randomly torn pieces. And the paper’s hard and non-absorbent. Would it kill them to provide paper that’s actually user-friendly?

Yup. It would kill them dead. For a long time. With a 1920s style death ray.

No, but it would cost them more money, which is worse.

I thought you were pitting the commercials that claim that their rolls are actually worth four of their competitor’s rolls.

I’ve always kinda assumed that part of the logic behind the huge rolls of flimsy toilet paper was that no employee would be tempted to go to the company store room to filch stock for his or her own bathroom at home.

Toilet paper?!


I always assumed it was because it was made with the cheapest, crappiest (ahem) single-ply recycled paper fibers in existence, thus allowing retailers to buy them for about a buck a skid.

On a possitive not the rolls do last much longer. Most companies only have the cleaning crew in once a day and they replenish them. I’d rather have that crappy paper then none at all.

Ah TP.

Many Yharen ago, I ran a movie theatre. The restrooms were forever running out of TP—even though I sent in the drones after each show to restock. What finaly ended up happening was we would load two fresh full rolls in each stall in the Ladies room, and the partialy used rolls would stock the Mens room. We had so much partial rolls, the entire staff was supplied with the stubs.

My assistant one day supplied what we all took to be the answer. His theory was simple.
“Women eat toilet paper”

Assume no more. As a former Purchasing Manager for a large manufacturing plant, I can attest to the fact that we had those things installed in the company bathrooms precisely because of employee theft of the standard-sized rolls. I don’t know anybody who has those gigundo dispensers in their home bathrooms. And after installation, TADA!, no more TP theft. Whaddaya know?!

You know, John Wayne used 80-grit sandpaper for toilet paper. If John Wayne can do it, so can you . . . :cool:

What? You deny the machismo of John Wayne? You are un-American!! :mad:

To add to everything else. Alot of toilet paper holders designed for those large rolls have oblong/oval shaped axels. I always assumed that was there to cause it to tear sooner rather then later so that you use less.

Just be glad you don’t live in Peru. When I was travelling there, not one public establishment kept toilet paper in their restrooms, due to constant theft.

You underestimate school janitors. I always feel really weird when I go to my friend’s house, especially since her Dad is a janitor at the high school we went to…

Yeah, and the biggest problem with those huge dispensers is that they mount them too close to the floor, so to get the toilet paper out you have to lean too far over and snake your arm up in an unholy manner. What’s up with that? Is it really too much trouble to mount them higher? Have the Toilet Paper Dispenser Installers of America decided to placate the complaints of irate midgets at the expense of the rest of us?

The companies with the rest rooms are probably just buying a really cheap and crappy (ha!) product. The product that tears properly probably costs more.

and on re-read I notice i’m REALLY late with this one.

Hey, YOU try dealing with some “brands” of toilet paper after a nice long bathroom session. THEN you come tell me that it’s not Pit-worthy!