Humorously attacking one w/chainsaw..

The other day I was at a website called and watched this fellow, Russian, I think, sneak up with a chainsaw in hand to these two dudes that were crashed out on the ground (during the day), and so he gets right up to the one dude and starts the saw and revved it up!

Needless to say, both of the dudes about jumped out of their skins and got out of the area! The thing is, I read where one of the people posting about it said that he’d gone to a haunted house where one of the “monsters” in it lit up a chainsaw that didn’t have a blade on it and, I guess, kinda jabbed at people with it – scaring the crap right out of them!

The sick part of me thinks that a bladeless chainsaw being used in a haunted house like that is hilariously funny, at least the mental image is. The Russian dude doing what he did wasn’t because as one of the posters on the thread pointed out, the dude he was scaring could have fallen into the blade!

Just curious: have any of you been to a haunted house where a (bladeless) chainsaw was used as a gag like that? If so, what was your initial emotion/reaction? And if it turned your knees to jelly, did you later laugh and admire the people running the place for being so creative? (I, btw, never heard of such a thing.)


I’ve seen that or similar (saw contradictory info that it was US or Russia or Spanish-speaking. Maybe multiple locations). These scream “fake” to me as a beatdown would often ensue. I haven’t been to a haunted house in years but sounds like they’re especially dangerous for the performer.

Thanks for the link to Cracked, I’ll filed it to Favorites.

Didn’t know there was so much to know about the haunted house business!

A little troubling to see in that YT clip at around 4:42 someone bring a little infant in there; thought there’d be a rule against something like that.

Better than 30 years ago, I volunteered at a JayCees haunted house where the chainsaw gag was the last thing before you exited. You started the “tour” on the ground floor and finished in the basement where your group entered the pitch black room, a voice said Thank you for coming, and the 50 bazillion watt Klieg light was turned on just as the chainsaw sound started up (no chains and I think the sound was recorded and amplified) and Leatherface (might have been two guys) chased you up the outside steps. Never heard any complaints. Surprisingly, no skinned knees that I heard of from running for your life up the concrete stairs.

Good times, good times.

In college we had access to chainsaws for trail maintenance and we would occasionally engage in “raids” on unsuspecting underclassmen. The results were quite spectacular and gratifying. But running a saw indoors is wicked loud.

Just a FYI: all chainsaws are bladeless, always. I think you mean chain less.

In New Orleans 30-some years ago, groups of people used to set up Haunted Houses in empty houses at Halloween like kids would set up a lemonade stand to make a few bucks. They didn’t take out ads or hire security or anything; they just put up signs. Some were silly but some were really terrifying. The last one I went to had a lot of grabbing and touching. We were chased out with a chain saw. There was running, people fell off the porch, and shoved others out of the way… :eek: Anyway, I only went to commerical ones after that. That homemade terror by drunks in an abandoned house was too dangerous for me. If you really did mean to harm people what an opportunity!

You’re right.:smack: