Hunter Biden Laptop Question

So, copy this and throw this on their FB feeds and see what happens, lol. The USSC decision is causing the GOP-Deplorable Alliance to fracture, so anything we can do to assist this is worthwhile:

Google Photos

(As a Catholic, I approve this message.)

The New York Post should be pissed!


The New York Pissed?

Or, taking a cue from the British: The New York Pissers.

(1) No
(2) Yes
(3) Sadly, no.

Bumping it because this seems the best place to put it - The State Department has sanctioned Russia for the 2020 disinformation campaign:

Since at least 2019, Derkach and his associates have leveraged U.S. media, U.S.-based social media platforms, and influential U.S. persons to spread misleading and unsubstantiated allegations that current and former U.S. officials engaged in corruption, money laundering, and unlawful political influence in Ukraine.

And if I read another article correctly - these are specifically the people working with Rudy.