Hurricanes: Marching down the list

We’re having a discussion here at the copy desk about hurricanes, and some of us were wondering what year got the furthest down the list of storm names .

I’m having trouble getting a quick google answer; I know 1968 had the most hurricanes (12), but that doesn’t include tropical storms that year. Have we ever made it down to Hurricane Walter or Tropical Storm Wanda? Has Tropical Depression 20 ever given up the stage to Hurricane Thomas? Settle our pool please, Dopers.

Nineteen tropical storms in 1995 in the Atlantic basin. The Pacific basin has a separate list.

Geez…I got learn to read better.

This news article says that 1995 had the most named storms (19). So if my calculations are correct (taking into account your link, which says that certain letters are always skipped), that makes it a “T” storm. And according to this link, that would have made it Hurricane Tanya. Doesn’t exactly strike fear, but hey…

1933 was the most active on record, with a total of 21 tropical storms/hurricanes. Unfortunately, storms weren’t named then. If current naming conventions were used back then, that season would have exhausted the entire list of names.

Your last link states explicitly that the last one in that year was Hurricane Tanya.

If more than 21 TS’s occur in one season (God forbid!), I wonder if they’d name the 22d one Alex A or Alex 2. I couldn’t find the answer at the AOML site or at the TPC site.

Err…ignore my first link, as the second one contains all the necessary information. :smack:

From Juniper200’s link:

There will never be a hurricane Xena. :frowning:

This is my favorite trivia question of all time (partly because I like to study weather and whatnot)

What happens if there is over 21 named storms in the Atlantic (or Pacific too, I think)?

Very last line: "If over 21 named tropical cyclones occur in a year, the Greek alphabet will be used following the “W” name. "

Tropical Storm Alpha would be next up in line.

Hurricane Pi would be a fun one. What is the category of this storm? 3.14, of course.

So we can only imagine what would happen if you go over the Greek alphabet mark…would named storms be named after Planets, Stars, numbers?

I always thought it’d be fun to see Hurricane Jupiter (as long as it’s not that big) or Hurricane Betelgeuse.

But that’s just me.

When Einstein ran out of Greek letters to use in the equations of relativity, he started using Sanskrit letters. Of course, Sanskrit has “cerebral” consonants, which made them perfect for his use. :slight_smile: