Hustle returns tonight! Yay!...

or meh?

Radio Times review

Mickey is back, but Danny and Stacy are gone. Albert is still in lockup. Good thing my man Ash* is still around else I wouldn’t be tuning in.

The first four series were amazing and fun. I ate up every episode. I have no idea how this series will shape up. I love the characters of course but the cons were the best part of the show. I think if they keep up the writing, there’s hope.

Anyone else a fan of the show? It runs on AMC in America from time to time. Also, all 4 series are available on Region 1 DVD.

*Anyone else also seriously attracted to Robert Glenister? I was tickled when I watched Life on Mars for the first time this winter and found that one of the main characters was a meaner, 70’s version of him! (actually, his brother)

Season 1 was spectacular! I loved it, having found it after I discovered Spooks (MI-5 for the other Yanks). Later seasons- not so much. Maybe I’ll pick it up again.

But I will not watch the cheesy rip-off of Hustle that is currently playing, starring Timothy Hutton. StopstopSTOP fucking up British series with American “versions” and just show the originals!

Sorry but the American version of The Office is far, far better than the British original, which put me to sleep in minutes. Yet the American version is my favorite TV comedy series.

Eh, I think it’s comparing apples and oranges anymore. I just watched an episode of the UK version and clearly that show is one cast doing one thing as one group, and the American version is another cast doing another thing as one group. They just happened to have shared some scripts early on.

Personally I think they’re both equally good - but some people just don’t get in to British humor or acting style, which is fine!

I do think it’s one of the best American “remakes.” I haven’t seen the US Hustle yet. Life on Mars…yech.

Not everything that is heist and con-related is a “rip-off” of Hustle. :rolleyes: If anything, Leverage is an updated, high-tech version of The A-Team.