Hypocondriac question?

Is it true that Hypocondriacs live longer than non-Hypocondriacs on the average? At what point does “normal” concern for ones health become Hypocondria? Any help appreciated.

I believe that a “textbook” hypochondriac is a person who keeps going to the doctor to get perceived medical conditions checked out. Scratchy throat, go to the doctor, see if it’s throat cancer. Irregular bowel movements, colon cancer.
It’s more like the person wants to be reassured that s/he is OK.

Then, there are people like me, who think that every symptom is the sign of an impending larger, presumably fatal, disease, but won’t go to the doctor regardless because they don’t want to know.

So, your answer may depend upon what type of hypochondria you are referring to.

Maybe, but first you have to control for those who are strangled by their doctors. :smiley:

of course hypos live longer. The rest of us are so sick of hearing them complain, we’re more than happy to croak. At least the ones married to they psychos. :slight_smile:

Please disregard the above insensitive post.

Please regard this insensitive post. (note spelling)

“An hypochondriac is a person who thinks they have an illness when they don’t. Therefore, you aren’t an hypochondriac, you only think you are.”[sup]1[/sup]

[sup]1[/sup]Taken from a “Born Loser” cartoon.