Hypocratic trick or treaters

So I’m passing out candy last night to all the little beggars, and these 2 kids come up to the door. Instead of “TRICK OR TREAT!” they yell “JESUS LOVES YOU!”

Right away I answer back “Well, what does he think of you celebrating a pagan holiday?”. Dumb looks all around.

If I would have had any Tracks or “The Watchtower” pamphlets laying around, that is what they would have gotten instead of candy. Yes, I did give them candy anyway.

I’m guessing it was their parents who put them up to it, and I’m hoping that the kids went home and asked them what pagan means. Although, the answer they probably got was “That man is a sinner and he is going to hell.”

I don’t know how I feel about this incident yet, but I know it bothered me.

We’ll save them a seat by the fire. You should have thrown Holy Water on them. heh-heh
Uh, sorry, God. Just kidding.

Were they dressed as Physicians?

Actually, ShibbOleth, I think the younger one was! The other was a football player.

I’ve never seen any little kids ever do that when trick or treating. Then again, the areas that I lived in were always kind of liberal. Maybe you should get some tracts called “the other people”* for next year to hand out to the kids who don’t understand the existence of their holidays as being originally Pagan.

*“The Other People” is a tract for Pagans that kind of pokes fun at Chick tracts and proves through biblical text the existence of Pagans throughout history and the fact that they are not technically tied to the concept of “original sin.” It’s quite interesting, and not meant to be anti-Christian at all. It just pokes fun at the ridiculousness of Jack Chick and his crusade through pamphleting the world.

Well, before you feel too bothered, just remember that they have sworn to “First, do no harm.”

Ha! I slay me.