Hypocritical moderators

Who is this fascist who singles out one person for a comment then issues threats as if I’m somehow priviledged to be allowed here? What is this? High School? Am I going to get a demerit for my transgression?

Then he insults you and closes the threat eliminating your chance to reply. What a spineless piece of shit you are. I guess this will be closed too.



This whiny bitch-ass dumbfuck is talking about this thread:

Fear of the President?

What a knob gobblin’ goat fucker.

More to come when I have more time to assign to this asshole.

Well, that was manhattan, who is the moderator of the General Questions forum, in which you were violating the rules, numbnuts. And you’re presence on the SDMB IS a priviledge. If you think you have a right to use resources that belong to the Chicago Reader for some reason, I’d sure like to hear it.

I’d say your behavior is more fitting in elementary school.

No, you received a warning not to violate forum rules. I’m actually a bit surprised that you managed to post your complaint here in the BBQ Pit where it properly belongs, but even a chimpanzee would hit the right forum one time in eight by random chance so I’m not totally amazed.

Didn’t you just reply in your OP, buttnose? And while this thread may be closed eventually, I suspect it won’t happen soon enough to suit you.

from http://www.m-w.com :

Yep, “still higher”, as in if you put put your head still higher up your ass you’d tickle your tonsils.

Oh, for fuck’s sakes get off your crucifix, girlfriend. Somebody needs the wood.

Yeah… Stupid fucking moderaters. When other people act nice, and obey the rules, they leave em alone. When I act like a jerk or asshole, they close my threads, or reprimand me. Fuckers!

'Round and 'round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows!!

Not even Cecil…

Holy fuck! You think that when using other people’s property they should allow you to do whatever you want? You were told what the rules were, and continued whining about it.

Incidentally, where the fuck did you ever come by the impression that flippant answers were unwelcome around here? Have you ever actually read a Straight Dope book? Fucking moron.

You never read the posts you comment on, do you?

Mu Mu,
Sorry, but no thanks. I prefer scotch myself.

Alright, there has to be some sort of gambling and/or drunken party game that we can play using the appearance of a “whine about the mods” thread…?

And I call dibs on the wood; no damn heat in here…it’s fucking cold.

Remember, we’re a communist message board. The moderators are supposed to be fascists.

Ah, Mu Mu is back again as well. When the word “moderator” and “fascist”/“hypocrite” appear in the same thread, he is one of the li’l critters that come out of hybernation. How fun. Did you bring all your friends too, Mu Mu?

It’s chilly here. Pass the Glennfiddich, waterj2. As long as Oblong is occupying that damn cross, there ain’t gonna be a good campfire here anytime soon.


OMIGOD - and to think, while I was gone I probably missed soooooo many “Atrocities the Moderators have Committed Against Mankind” threads! :rolleyes:

Don’t worry; there will be more.

(Dammit, manny is catching up to me! I’d better go find somebody to piss off.)

You acted like a tit and you were treated like one. You then moved up the scale to being a jerk and again you were treated like one. Suck it up, big boy.

Remember from the reg. agreement.

Oblong: Get over it.

yojimbo: Please make more frequent use of the word tit in this sense. It’s hilarious and criminally underused.

TWIMC: It’s privilege.

*ooh ooh ooh! me me me! piss off me! I wanna be a whiney twit with a cucumber where my frontal lobe should be! I wanna…

…errr, no I don’t.

Jesus H. Christ, what is wrong with these people? I mean, a newbie is at least a bit understandable, if they apologize, and sock-puppets are just made to be annoying, but this asshole’s been around since April!

Hey, Oblong, you mean to tell me that you’ve been around long enough to watch countless unsupported, random, bitchy complaint posts get shot down in flames by Dopers, and you STILL think that your unsupported, random, bitchy complaint post will suddenly get sympathy? Get over it.

In case oblong is still reading this thread: Some flippant responses are to be expected. They don’t preclude serious answers and indeed they bump the thread so others who may have more to add will see it. Manhattan is perfectly aware of this (and everything else in GQ) and regards people who are not aware of this and start saying “Just answer my fucking question” as idiots.

However if there is a question to be answered and flippant or argumentative posts are getting in the way of it, he will act. See here for flippant, see here for argumentative. If rather than spitting the dummy you had waited with a teensy bit of good grace you may well have had a more satisfactory GQ experience. As it is, you – not manny – come off looking like a dipshit.

Hey, Obtuse, I once hurled a mild insult at another poster in GD thread. A moderator told me to knock it off and take that kind of stuff to the pit.

I posted an apology for the insult and that was that. Everbody was happy. Perhaps you should try it.