Hypocritical wankers...Pit your fav

I would love to give Brian Capill his very own thread (cause he deserves it) but only Kiwis would know who I meant. So you pit the hypocritical wanker of your choice and I will pit Mr Capill.


This fucking wanky dickhead was the leader of a political party here in NZ. A party with a catchy name…The Christian Heritage party. That was fucking stupid to start off with. Yes NZ had a Xtian heritage but who the fuck cares now? He led this “party” for 13 yrs.

Mr Capill we are not a country of church goers, we are certainly not a country who cares a jot if our politicians go to church. Most of us are quite relieved if we accidently find out they don’t. Didn’t you get the clue when you couldn’t ever even get close to the 5% of the vote needed to get into parliment?

NO? Probably because you were feeling sooooo guilty about your own filthy little secrets that you had convinced yourself that “saving our souls” might help absolve you. “Family Values” Yeah right!

This wanker was loud and proud and very fucking annoying and VERY anti in debates over civil unions, legalised prostitution, property rights for defactos, sex education in schools, lowering the drinking age. You name it he told us we were wicked and headed to hell. He was probably close to being NZs most annoying man.

All the while he was abusing and molesting and raping children.


Child abusers? Scum. Child abusers who pretend be more moral then everyone else while actualy being fucking sick bastards? Fucking Scum. Child abusers who cry like babies when punched by a member of the public and then crack like a nut and plead guilty? Fucking priceless Scum.

At least he pled guilty and didn’t force children to testify in court. I don’t believe in the death penalty but Mr Holier-than-Thou fucking Capill makes me want to believe in the bashing penalty.

Ok so now I can breathe. That was a bit pent up.

Pit the hypocritical wanker of your choice.

I pit Dennis Radar. No need to explain.

That’s easy. Fred Phelps, for his condemnation of the first amendment.

How about everybody’s favourite scary Canadian, Stephen Harper?

Continuing in the “Seriously, Stephen, WTF?” file:

<a href=“http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2005/06/27/samesex050627.html”>Harper and Tories say that the SSM bill will somehow be illegitimate because the Bloc supports it</a>

Which I find very amusing, considering that the eeeeeeeeeeeeevil séparatisses didn’t seem to bother him when they were supporting his attempts to vote down the budget last month.

He’s seriously losing his shit.


Hee. The bashing penalty. Now THAT sounds like an effective way to deter crime. Rob someone and we’ll break your fucking knees!

Yes I am aware that the bashing penalty is a shit idea.

I am also aware that a) because I was very cross and b) because I had had a couple of glasses of wine…that I got the shitheads name wrong.

His name is Graham Capill. He is whiney bastard who cries at the drop of a hat and I hope he gets a long time inside.

I just wish he had to apologise to homosexuals, prostitutes and defactos. People who have actual morals.

As an aside…

And as a agnostic-ish no-dog-in-this-race kinda dude, I love this “Xtian” thing. I’ve only ever seen it on these boards. I must say it looks POSITIVELY EVIL. Like some sort of belligerent alien race decending upon us in their B-grade Sci-Fi hordes…


Good stuff.

Sorry. Carry on.

I never saw the Xtian, X-tian thing before either. I just like it’s sci-fi/weirdo look.

I am just soooooooo pissed off at this sanctimnoius wanker that “Xtian” looked alien enough to describe him.

I love it when Kiwis pit stuff.

It’s so cute.

Just so you know, it’s Xian, if by “X” you mean “Christ”.

We are always cute and fluffy. The sheep hypnotised us.

I’m sorry Lib, I didn’t mean Christian. I just meant FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL PEVERT who pretends to be holier then thou. Xtian works, he surely couldn’t be compared to anyone that was really a Christian (I hope).

Ooh, can I play? My favorite hypocritical wanker of the day is the President of the United States of America, for this comment in his speech last night:

Let’s start with, “rejects tolerance.” What the fuck? Yeah, tell that to the people you don’t think should have the right to get married in this country, asshole. You’re calling other people intolerant? Hilariously hypocritical!

Then there’s “despises all dissent.” Ha! That’s just too fucking good, coming from the guy who’s on TV to promote a war the American people are quickly losing patience with, and your approval ratings are sinking. God forbid people voice their dissent … that would be unpatriotic and letting the terrorists win, now, wouldn’t it? Can’t have that, so let’s give them a good dose of “9/11=Iraq” to hold them off for awhile.

Fred Phelps, because his very existence fouls the planet the rest of us have to live on. Too bad “pistols at dawn” was outlawed.

Anyone who is both pro-life and pro-death penalty. Apparantly it’s not ok to “kill” an unborn human, which science is still debating about whether is actually a human or not, and we should get the givernment to stop those awful killings, but somone who is clearly an actual, factual, living human being, can be killed at the behest of the government?

Oh, that’s right…one is a cuddly, wuddly little innocent baby (who isn’t yet baptized!! Oh no! It won’t go to heaven!) and the other is a foul-stench of a human being and we are doing God’s will by sending him to Hell quicker. :rolleyes: Yeah, I;m sure neverm in the course of the Ameruican legal system, as anyone who was not guilty ever been put to death. Nope, clearly never happened, all of them deserved to die.

yellowval, you beat me to it. :slight_smile: I second your pit of the so-called POTUS as a hypocritical wanker and raise you one Jeb Bush, who holds the title of “Governor” of Florida, although “govern” seems to imply that he does something other than hump the collective legs of the RR. Double points since these two hypocritical wankers are brothers - or maybe not, since pitting these two was so easy.

I’ll see your Jeb Bush and, uh … well, you’re right, nobody’s as easy as those two. We’d have a pretty tough time finding anyone who fits the definition of “hypocritical wanker” better than the Bush Bros. We’d probably find the WMDs and evidence that Terry Schiavo wasn’t in a persistive vegetative state first.

People who do not believe in God (especially to the point that they mock those that do believe in God) but believe that we are not alone in the universe. As far as they are concerned, no evidence exists for God or alien life forms, but belief in the former is seen as “wacky”, while belief in the latter is portrayed as “reasonable”. :rolleyes:

Hypocrisy in it’s purest form.

Not really. God is posited as a supernatural entity. Aliens generally are not. You see the difference? Also, there’s a difference between positively believing that aliens exist, and thinking it possible that aliens exist. And both are a far cry from stating that a particular alien exists, whether you call him Xenu or whatever.