Politics & Politicians

What an utter and absolute bunch of snot gobbling toe rags you all are.

You make promises that you have little or no intent of keeping, you make these promises not in order to benefit the country you represent…oh! no.

You make them in the hope of being elected and thus getting on the gravy train that is the political bandwagon., perks by the zillion.

I personally don’t give a fuck who governs my country provided whichever bunch of twats is in power doesn’t reduce my standard of living.

You send our young men off to war, to kill and be killed. Do you for one second think of going yourself?.

Like fuck you do.

I have a vote but I’ve not used it in years, not since I realised you’re all tarred with the same shitty brush.

The British people (as a whole) are not all that politically minded, we much prefer our lives to go on in the same mundane fashion it always has. We care for those that care for us, we don’t want hassle from any quarter and this is why voters stay away from the polls in droves, we know what you’re all like…shit bags, every last one of you.

That’s it for now, doubtless other irritations will come to mind

As New Zealand is going through another round of “Vote for meeeee!!!” right now – I heartily agree with you, chowder.

I just wish the American election was over so we didn’t have to hear what a God Barack is- constantly.

And another thing…this is a Christian country which makes every effort to assimilate and welcome those of other religious beliefs.

So what’s with the “We should adopt Sharia law into certain aspects of our law”

Fuck that for a game of soldiers. If those that want Sharia law don’t like it here let them piss off back whence they came, and if the politicians that want Sharia law, let them piss off with them.

The law courts…hah, there’s a fucking laugh if ever there was one.

Some knuckle dragging Neanderthal mugs an old lady and gets 100 hours community service.
Some pissed up driver knocks over and injures a pedestrian, he gets a driving ban, a fine and a slap on the wrist.

A bunch of yobbos beat up some guy and steal the princely sum of a £3. They get a fine and 100 hours CS.

A person refuses to pay a TV licence and he goes to prison for 3 months.

Law courts my arse

Chowder- are you having an ale? BTW I agree with every point.

At 9:30 in the morning?

I’m no piss artist my good fellow.:stuck_out_tongue:

Mind you at about 12:30 you’d be forgiven for thinking I was

sigh I once had a beer at 5 am. Only reason was it was the first time was that I had never thought of it before. Now I am more sedate. (It was on a foreign ship I might add)

Don’t get me wrong matey, in my youth I was something of a master of the quaffing of the falling down water.

Sadly as the years sped swiftly by I was first of all trained by the late ‘her indoors’ to curtail my intake of foaming ale, secondly finance, lack of, curtailed it even further.

Now in my dotage I’m financial secure but I’m also almost 67 and getting out of bed is no longer a spring, rather a groan and clamber.

While I’m at it, I’d vote for anyone who promised free beer for OAPs

Why don’t you stand for election and fix it, then?

Ah yes, as long as you have your money … :rolleyes:

Sorry, but “all politicians are terrible and equally bad” is an intellectually lazy position. While I will agree that the nature of politics is to churn out a very high number of people who are rather loose with standing by any firm principles and are major sources of utter bullshit, politicians are individuals just like everybody else.

I’d love it if all politicians were honest, forthright, and shared their true thoughts without thinking of the political ramifications.

I would also like a pony that flies through outer space and poops candy.

Which is a fucking sight less than those robbing arsewipes earn for doing bugger all

I’m not sure I’d want candy that came from a pony’s ass.

As I was saying about the law courts.

A 72 year old, that’s right SEVENTY-TWO, woman has been jailed for 24 weeks.

She was found guilty of actual bodily harm after breaking her neighbours arm over a dispute about a fence near her property.

Twats who mug people of the same age, leaving them badly injured, don’t get jailed.

The world has truly gone barking mad