Hypothetical: If Trump left "The Apprentice", who would replace him?

What if the Donald decided not to do a third season of “The Apprentice”? (He’s already doing a second). What well-known household name entrepeneur could replace him? (Well, no one can ever replace the Donald . . . . )

My criteria would be their name recognition and on-camera personality.

Here’s a few names:

Pros- EVERYONE knows who Bill Gates is. Also, from what I have heard, he can be a real ballbuster in the Boardroom. Major ratings.

Cons- Probably would not come across that well on camera? Not too many cons here. But wouold Gates do the show?

Pros- Loose cannon. Who knows what will come out of his mouth? Didn’t he get one of the heads of CEO-Time Warner fired, or berate him into stepping down?

Cons- Suprisingly bad on camera too.

Pros- Who else on the planet has more experience firing people?

Cons- TOOOO old.

Pros- Great TV personality, and quite a character. I could really see him duking it out with contestants in the Board Room.

Cons- MAYBE not that big of a household name- YET. Bet he’d do the show in a heartbeat.

Pros- Come on, ever watch wrestling? This guy was born to be on TV.

Cons- Does the guy who started the XFL and World Bodybuilding Federation have any business firing ANYONE?

Pros- The ladies would tune in.

Cons- Maybe TOO nice for the role.

Who else? Other names that role off my tongue are Steve Wynn, Daniel Snyder and Chainsaw Al Dunlap, but they aren’t household names either. Michael Eisner? Bill Ford? Rupert Murdoch? Jack Welch?