[hysterical female adolescent screaming]O-Town! O-Town! O-Town!

Somebody shoot me. The new boy band is here.

What are the chances of there being any kind of federal legislation prohibiting this kind of thing? ABC ran their auditions on Friday nights prime-time and now they’ve packaged the resultant singing, dancing glurge as a “band”.

BSB was bad enough. These guys give new meaning to the word “bland”. Bring back New Kids on the Block! At least Marky Mark had a persona, sort of.

Aaaiiiee! Make them stop! If there is no legal limit, should there at least not be some kind of moral or ethical limit on the number of sychronized dancing crap pop assembly line boy groups that can operate at one time?

I had the misfortune of catching one of the shows about this, this thing on TV and I was appalled at the entire concept. Please tell me that we are not really going to have to endure them in addition to the existing slurry of dreck already out there.

Oh, one nitpick DDG – Marky Mark wasn’t a member of NKOTB. That was his brother Donnie (I think that was his name). No, no – don’t go there. The repressed memories are coming back!

Oh joy, and just think, I happen to live in the city that Ashley Angel is from. Makes me want to Vomit.

Oh and I went to highschool with his girlfriend, or is it ex now? Shelli White. I cant stand her.

I think I’ll go clean my guns now :smiley:

So you guys saw “Making the Band”? Any of you happen to see “Pop Stars”?

Think “Making the Band” with chicks.

I watched an episode of “Making the Band.” It was pretty funny – the group does its first performance at some middle school, and all of the members think they did a good job, but their various coaches and trainers are just appalled.

Yeah. Just what we need. More songs about having wet dreams about Jennifer Lopez and Destiny’s Child.

On the Mark/Donnie Wahlberg thing, I think it’s interesting the way Donnie was a singer, then Mark became a singer. Then Mark became an actor, then Donnie became an actor (got killed in Ransom picking up the money). FTR, I think Marky Mark is a great actor. Every time I see him in a movie I feel those good vibrations.

You guys don’t know how old you sound. This stuff is not made for you, it’s made for screaming adolescent girls (also for sneering adolescent boys, but they’ll never admit to it).

Whatever it was you guys listen to when you were young, your parents thought the same thing about it then as you feel about today’s pop stars.

And I like It’s Gonna Be Me. It’s catchy and singable, just like a good pop song should be. Now, let me go get my earplugs, my daughter just popped in her Mandy Moore CD.

Am I the only one who immediately thought this thread would be about “Rocko’s Modern Life”?

Oh, another boy band. Well, whatever - it keeps them off the streets, right?

Who, the screaming female adolescents, or the boy bands? :smiley:

Okay, Mark Wahlberg WAS originally in NKOTB, when they first started, but dropped out after the first few months.

Then he turned into Marky Mark (and the Funky Bunch, but nobody remembers them) and started dropping his pants on-stage, which was a very shrewd career move.


And his brother Donnie produced their album, which is why I have him connected with NKOTB.

And, BTW, you think NKOTB is gone? Bottle of Smoke, this website’s for you. “We will remember…”

In the year 2015, I predict, we’ll start having Monkees-style nostalgia reunions for NKOTB.

Well, at least I wasn’t the only one. If it was about “Rocko’s Modern Life” it would rule. But it’s not. Damn.

Ok, Ok, so you know more about NKOTB than me. Not exactly a point of pride though, is it? Oh, sure – you’ll now say you were just researching their info on the web. Uh huh. You can come clean. You still have their posters all rolled up and safely put away in storage, don’t you? Down in the basement right next to the Christmas decorations, in the box marked Eyes Only? Really DDG, there are support groups for this sort of thing, I’m sure.:smiley:

God helps us. Donnie and Marky and the boys on a reunion tour? Shudder. It probably won’t be all of them, though. There’s always one that holds out for artistic reasons, ala Mike Nesmith. They’ll have to supplement with some sort of a session dancer/lip-syncher (do they have session dancers like session musicians?). The true fans will feel let down in the same way that fans of the real Cindy Brady were when A Very Brady Christmas came out. It will really be sort of sad…

I remember hearing about them not too long ago on one of those ET things about ‘Where they are now’ and I remember them saying that they still get fan mail shudders I got rid of my cds of theirs looooong ago… and don’t ask me what I saw in the BSB before cuz I don’t know…

'Nother one who thought of Rocko’s Modern Life here.

It’s ‘all bad’ to me.
Bring back rock and roll.
I’m up to the neck with harmonizing black or white girl groups, rappin’ fools, dancing dudes, songs that, to me anyhow, seem more like easy listening and hotty teeny stars.

I want rock 'n roll! Hard, driving, heavy beat, blood stirring rock 'n roll!

Music has sucked ever since sometime in the 80’s. No wonder so many local radio stations are either switching to ‘golden Oldies’ or talk. The problem there is, the Golden Oldie stations seem to be fixated on only playing like 20 selections, over and over and over!

I think the legal limit on these is 2 in most jurisdictions, but they gotta be in season. Oh, and you can’t bag 'em from a vehicle…

(Yeah, I wish!)

They all suck. No charachter, don’t you know.

DDG- i’ll pretend I didn’t hear that crack about New Kids on the Block. ::looks stern::

::perks up:: MONKEE tour? When?! Where!?

That’s gas, not Marky Mark.

At least . . . at least there is one nice face in BSB and a nice face in 'N. O-T just sucks. It’s like . . . “Let’s see if we have any more crappy swooners we can sign to our record label”.

But this, too, shall pass.

Oh dear god. I just realized that made it sound like I didn’t want you to insult the New Kids on the Block, when I actually didn’t want you to praise them in any way, shape, or form.

Also I meant this…::perks up…::

TheMoonGazer said:

Pardon me while I laugh at your ignorance.
Thank you.

Ok, first of all I will come clean and admit that I bought into this boyband hysteria. I was 10 when New Kids* rocked, and “I’ll Be Loving You Forever” and “Please Don’t Go Girl” hold a special place in my part. Hell, I still know all the words. When I was 17, I adored *NSYNC. I thought Lance was my soulmate. I went to two concerts. I own both CDs and a European export. Okay? All clean now.

However, as time passes, I realize the error of my ways. Honestly, it was fun to have a crush on *NSYNC. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, and it was nice to have imaginary guys to admire and it was cool to think of them as perfect, in my fantasy world. I think that’s why a lot of girls go crazy for them. I resold my two BSB CDs, but I’m still rocking the *NSYNC boys. But I’d much rather listen to Fiona or Cowboy Junkies or Joni Mitchell or even Bob Dylan.

That being said, I cannot stand O-Town or their ridiculously stupid song. Have they actually convinced themselves that Destiny’s Child, et. al., will be around in five years? How can that song possibly have any chance at lasting beyond the next six months? Do they have the dumbest marketers ever? Jesus, my chihuahua could have made a better song choice than that one. I remember Lou Perlman’s last boyband effort, C-Note, and they sucked too. One song, barely made a dent, excluding the pop stations, and then they disappeared. O-Town will no doubt follow their route.

I give it ten months. *NSYNC’s new CD will be a relative flop, their audience will thin out as we all age, and they will deteriorate into dirty old men with bad hair in sex videos.

(*FTR, Jordan Knight is still the sexiest man alive, and I still want to do dirty nasty things to him on 300-percale sheets, and I would gladly donate my left arm to science for one night alone with him.

NKOTB Forever! Rock on!)