Hysterical website-autocorrect fail

This is cracking me up today.

I got to “rainy rectum” and I just have tears streaming down my face.

It’s the universal things that get the laughs.

We all need a worthwhile goal.

We all have pet peeves.

And we all have our sudden realizations.

All that said, the people who program autocorrect software are a bunch of deviated preverts trying to spread their deviated preversions.

They still have to answer to the Coca-Cola company, though.


I was tired.

Going to bed.

Just gonna look at this one last thread.

Now look what you’ve done. I have read the whole damn site. I’m trying HARD not to laugh out loud because the SO is snoozing on the couch. And I actually, for real, spit Diet Coke on the keyboard.

Now I can’t go to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: In other news, when I used MacWrite 2.0 back in the dark ages, the spell checker I had always replaced my mistyping of family (I don’t remember how I mistyped it) with “flying squirrel”. Very fitting.

The first two on this page had tears streaming down my face.

Funny, but I call bullshit on the site as a whole. Some are surely real, but I just don’t buy most of them as real autocorrections.


One of my favorite timewaster sites! I once reduced a tough lawyer to a blubbering, crying, gasping-for-breath mess by introducing her to this. And another example of why I turn off autocorrect on every device or program I use. iPhone, Word, whatever – If I misspell, then let the message go out with what is obviously a misspelling, if instead of “escarole” I started to mistype “escraole”, don’t assume I must have meant “escrow” or “scrod”. Though to be fair, a lot of these exampkles seem to happen when the person in question tries something cute like typing “brrraaaaiiinnsss…” or “ohN0es!!11” and the thing responds with “barbarians” or “honesty”.

Though, yeah - if it’s a “predictive” autocorrect, how come these people have been typing about penises so much? What’s going on wherever they’re coding this?

I should mention, the iPhone WILL display a preview of what it intends to autocorrect you to, if you so set it up; a whole lot of people are apparently just texting on autopilot and not bothering to pay attention for a tenth of a second before hitting “send”.

There’s an iPhone/iPod app, too. :smiley:

Have you ever tried laughing when you are really hoarse from a bad cold?! Good thing I’m alone at the moment; people might call 911 if they heard the weird noises coming out of me as I was reading that web site!

Mmm. Now I want some Nazi ball soup and human beef!

love it.

Agreed. Except I’m not sure if any of them are real.

Agreed. Except I’m not sure the website is real.

Who says fuckweasel enough to get it in auto correct?

Apparently it does not take as many uses of a “new” word as most of us expect for the predictive feature to “learn” it.

I’m skeptical, too. How do you screen capture and upload so they all look perfectly the same?

All the ones I saw make perfect sense, but they are mostly based on typos. It seems that autocorrect, like most similar systems, has a built in set of words to begin with.

Getting the screen to look the same is pretty easy. They are all using an iPod, since that’s the only phone they support in their upload directions. It’s the same application on the same OS using the same resolution, and the iPod doesn’t let you theme or anything. There’s no reason for them not to look exactly the same.

To screen capture on your iphone you hold down the Home button and then click the sleep button once (you’ll see a flash of white when it works). The screen cap will then be in your photos and you can e-mail/upload it anywhere.

I find it interesting that ur phone is apparently familiar enuff with “sodomy” to autocorrect to it.

On the iPhone you only need to cancel the autospell suggestion on an individual word once for it to remember the underlying word you are trying to type. Then if you type quickly and inaccurately, and particularly if you miss a space by accident, it can insert surreal stuff that you’ve only ever typed once.

That said, I think a lot are faked. But somehow that doesn’t matter as they’re still very witty.