I Accidentally Started The Mother Of All Flamewars

I accidentally started the MOAFW with a…waffle. Yes, it is now a 500+ post flame war about appropriate teething devices for infants. It has since disintegrated into racist comments, a fight about the war, grammar sniping, and the lowest common denominator of all flame wars- calling each other “hos” and “Assholes.”

It has since spawned at least two other flame wars(that I know of) on other boards, all off which also follow the same thread-disintegration pattern.

I have since spotted the catchphrase “OMG, A waffle, at three months” on multiple unrelated threads and boards.

I am the new “All your base are belong to us.”

Note: I haven’t participated really except for the OP.

It’s clogged my email box for 3 days, since I can’t unsubscribe from getting responses.

Part of me hopes it’ll die down now. Part of me is amused that I have spawned a net-culture tag line. And part of me is sorely tempted to pose my son holding a carrot, a twinkie, or something equally innappropriate and reposting, because most of the people in this war would not get the joke and be shocked- SHOCKED!

I don’t know whether I am amused or annoyed or just no longer care at this point. I guess I’m ammoyedthetic. :expressionless:

Got me beat. Best(worst?) I’ve done is mention the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit and this 4 page Pit thread sprouted up.

Just where is this amusing little train wreck of yours at, btw?

I think you’re giving yourself too much credit here.

First of all, what 'board are you even talking about?

Hehehe, Inkleberry, I’m on that board. Holy kafoley. OMG, a waffle at 3 months! Next thing you’ll be advocating spanking with baseball bats and bottlefeeding coffee, you evil, evil woman!

:smiley: Some people are in dire need of a big hearty helping of clue.


Here. That’s DrLoveGun in the tub.

And finally, here.

The icon someone made is actually kind of funny.

I don’t know whether to be amused or embarassed about the entire thing.

I think bottle feeding coffee is a fine idea. Some people, like inkleberry, don’t agree.

Did one side or the other mention Nazi’s or Hitler yet? You know it doesn’t even count as a flame war 'till someone compares their opponent to Nazis.

Wait, those things are wrong?

Rock on inkleberry!

I’ve participated on boards that seem similar to the one you’re describing, if you’re indeed describing crunchy granola momzilla types, and anything that gets their granny panties in a twist is all good.

Is there really any need to keep spreading the pic of me in the tub? I mean really!

How the hell can anyone click through all the posts on that style of messageboard? That’s exactly why I don’t read the Slashdot forums.

Until you come up with a better one, yes. We take all the nudes we can get.

That seems counterproductive. My grandmother would slip a nip of whiskey in a bottle; now that’s clever parenting.

They don’t seem crunchy granola as much as they seem like extremely young, very earnest women who have memorized “What to Expect the First Year.” Yikes. That whole style of parenting seems to be popular with people who aren’t very confident of their own abilities.

You should take a picture of him lying on his stomach on a really high counter, drinking a bottle of KoolAid and munching a bowlful of sugar. Oh, make sure he has plenty of peanuts, too.

Well, she could do it without the tub, so we can get a nice view of everything <evil grin> Your choice=) but I like the tub picture=)

Holy crap, I just scanned that thread - didn’t click on any of the links to nested comments - and was laughing my ass off. What a train wreck! I really lost it when I saw the random “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” subject line.

Hee hee.

Nice! :smiley:

Oh, God, my blister-in-law: an engineer by profession, who feels that everything must perform according to the specs, including babies: poor little 8 month old Niece Sensitive gets rudely awoken from sleep for her afternoon feed because the book says so. She’s sleeping - this is good for both of you - leave the poor wee thing in peace! Missus Case and I are more laissez-faire {or just wearier of parenting}:

Is tomato sauce a food group?

Well, it isn’t not a food group.

OK, because he’s just eaten a bowl of it.

Ah, it won’t kill him, and I guess it’s technically a vegetable. Or a fruit. {pause} Is there any left?

What, you don’t have the cliched picture of him sucking on a bottle of booze*? I thought every parent in the history of Western Civilization had THAT one.

Hell, my dad used to rub WHISKEY on my gums when I was teething!

*A sealed bottle, not an open one.

You’re not the only one. Maybe it’s because this is the only board I’ve spent more than 5 seconds one, but this for mat is just fine for me.