I admit it. I like chick flicks.

Well, good ones anyway.

And ballet.

And lavish broadway musicals.

And great romantic poetry.

And visiting art museums.

My house is tastefully decorated.

And neat and orderly.

I designed my own window treatments.

I teach elementary school.

I’m not obsessed with sports.

I don’t even watch the superbowl.

My favorite part of the Olympics is women’s figure skating.

I can pick one thing to watch on tv.

I hate cigars and won’t allow them in my house.

I outgrew thinking belching and farting is funny at about the age of 10.

I attend a book club once a month, and host it twice a year.

None of these things tell you anything about my sexual orientation. None of these things make me less of a man than you. Our being different does not make one of us better than the other.

Did someone say it did?


I guess I could allow for the “belching and farting” part, but figure skating? Dude, your feminine side just put a figure-four leg lock on your masculine side. He’s gonna submit unless you immediately go out and buy a six pack and some Slim Jims, rush back home, and turn on the All John Wayne Network.

Ok…you can use coasters. But no straws.

Shit, and I was just saying nice things about you in the Pit. :wink:

I was just about to call you a big wuss, but then I realized that you pretty much described my husband, with a few exceptions.

And I like him.

Um, you did, in the second part of your post.

Ok, add to the list:

I have no idea what a figure-four leglock is. I assume this must be some kind of kinky sex thing.

[sub](Psssst! I think it’s a wrestling move.)[/sub]

And let’s not any of us start making guesses about #6’s, um, preferences* based on his totally wimpy tastes. One can enjoy ballet for the chicks. And where were you when Katerina Witt’s boob escaped during the Olympics? You missed it, didn’t ya, because of your misplaced masculinity.

Or was it because it was broadcast at 3AM? I know that’s why I missed it. One of my great regrets.

    • Not that there’s anything wrong with it. :wink:

I gotta agree with you, on most points. I hate ballet. I keep waiting for them to say something. Other than that, you’re dead on.

Well, and the whole Olymic Figure Skating thing.

And the Book Club thing. I do read, though.

And the elementary school and Superbowl things.

I guess I’m more “stereotypically” manly than I thought I was.

[sub]Lord, this is hard to do while drunk…[/sub]

I liked Titanic. I shed a few tears (OK, I cried, dammit) at the end of Beaches. ::sniffle:: You got a problem with that?

Bridget Jones’s Diary(they do spell it that way for some reason), was good enough that I bought and am reading the book.

I admit it, I like romanic comedies…err…chick flicks, yeah. No, I’m not fooling anyone by referring to them like that. sigh

I like the way they make me feel sappy. I smile broadly when the couple is having a great time in the montage scene, I hide my eyes when the male lead invariably makes an ass out of himself, and I’m almost ready to cheer when they get back together by the male lead saying something referencing an earlier point in the movie.

Last week I was in the rental store and I looked through all the flicks. There was some great stuff that I hadn’t seen, but…I was feeling all sappy and romantic.
A girl I know was there picking up a movie with her beau. I actually waited until she had left before renting my movie of choice…Bounce. I cradled it under my arm as I walked to the front, feeling so…dirty. I felt like I was renting a freakin’ porno!
Thing was, it sucked big-time (even as far as rom-com’s go), but it served its purpose. Yes, I admit it…I have a serious problem.

As for the rest of your list, I like poetry (I even write a lot of it), art museums, and musicals, but can’t relate to anything else.

A couple of really good “romantic comedies” you might want to try:

Return to Me
Where the Heart Is

Thanks. A friend of mine recommended Return to Me. I’m planning on checking it out.
I’ll see about the other one, too.

Ya big softie. :wink:

*Originally posted by Number Six *

Um, you did, in the second part of your post.


I apologize. I was aiming for a weird sort of ironic humor, and it seems I missed by a mile.

Just one question…what’s your favorite alcoholic drink?

I like Esther Williams movies. I especially like them when there’s sport on TV.

You got a problem with that, punk?

See, I am the next logical step in human evolution. I like both chick flicks and guy movies! (Unless they suck.) So my copies of “Goodfellas” and the Godfather movies are mixed in with “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “Sommersby” (that movie still makes me cry every time I watch it for some reason).

Of course, I am a hermaphrodite…

[sub]not really, but I thought it tied things together nicely[/sub]

Ah yes, but do you like dating sims?

Oh, and Number Six, I’m implying nothing about your gender or orientation when I say that your OP reminded me of Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music”.

“I like watching ballet and attending museums,
Shows on broadway, and reading books to your children,
Those parts in the movie where pop singers sing
These are a few of my favorite things!”

If what you mean by `chick flick’ is the genre of Meg Ryan potboiler love stories, they’re alright by me. Musicals don’t interest me much, but I’ll watch anything with Gene Kelly in it. Sports? Wake me when the Cubs are in the series. And I speak somewhat knowledgably on the subject of clothes. Does this make me a big femme? Probably.

I think it’s rather idiotic to get hung up on stereotypes. I watch movies if I think they’re interesting, though I do think any movie that’s advertised as a “thrill ride” isn’t likely to be interesting. I liked “Titanic” and romantic movies like “A Walk in the Clouds.”

I like opera and the symphony, but not ballet (Jerome Robbins, I can take. It’s Balanchine that bores the hell out of me.)

I follow sports, but I rarely watch it. I haven’t seen a Superbowl in 18 years. But that’s not unusual with a lot of people I know – our concom meets on Super Sunday because we don’t have anything else planned that day.

Don’t care much for figure skating.

I’m a big fan of Broadway musicals and Gershwin and Porter love songs.

Because that’s the correct spelling? If you’re talking about the use of the apostrophe, see Strunk and White.