Matt_mcl, Get Over Yourself, Hon!

Matt_mcl, I really do like you, but I feel the need to scold you.
In this thread, the topic dealt with smoking as a form of stress release. I suggested going to the gym would be a healthier alternative. You weighed in with some confrontational shit about how the Most Gorgeous Guys you know have never seen the inside of a gym.

So fuckin’ what? YES, I get that you’re a femme Radical faerie with manboobs; fine, be who you are. I am a masculine guy who likes to work out and live a healthy lifestyle. Why do you see that as such a fuckin’ threat? You be you and I’ll be me. Deal with it.
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Ooohh, can I be me?

But mainly I just posted to say you screwed up the link. Not only is there a superfluous t before the http, when corrected, it points to a thread called G.I. Jive.

Shoot, and it looked OK when I previewed, too. D’oh!

The only time anyone ever listens to me, is it a wise and wonderful idea for building one’s self-esteem and improving one’s self-image? No. Is it a warning that the guy that a friend is drooling over is an asshole and a cheat? No. Is it advice about how to assert oneself more and not be as shy? No. The only time anyone ever actually listens to me and it’s a suggestion to open a new Pit thread…



Well, now that I’ve seen the original thread, I have to say I don’t see why this needed to be brought to the Pit. I mean, he didn’t have a chance to clarify a rather innocuous comment, so we could tell whether or not it was meant to disparage guys that go to the gym or not.

Unless we want to have FemGayGuy v. ButchGayGuy, as jayjay put it. But who wants to really take sides in something like that? There’s enough gorgeous guys out there for us all to be happy. I am interested in who makes Matt’s list, though.

Methinks your being a bit to sensitive gobear. Confrontational shit? I don’t see how matt_mcl could have offered his opinion in a less confrontational manner.

What we have here . . . is a failure to communicate.

As far as I can tell, the exchange went like this (paraphrased to try to add a skootch of clarity.

TYGR: I’m going to take up smoking to de-stress.
GOBEAR: Why don’t you go to the gym instead?
JAYJAY: I don’t go to the gym. I’m a fat lazy-ass; you know you want me. (Subtext: I don’t go to the gym, and I’m not attractive.)
MATT: Of the five most attractive men I know, none go to the gym.

GOBEAR, I can see how you would look at it and go, “Huh? Why’s he saying that attractive guys don’t go to the gym after I’ve just said that I go to the gym?” But I read it as MATT replying to JAYJAY – not to you – and saying that a person doesn’t have to go to the gym to be attractive.

I’m sure that MATT will correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t think he was talking to or about you, though I can see why upon a cursory reading you might think he was.

Forgot one thing:)

Thats not to say matt_mcl is also too sensitive about the subject, but a pit thread?

And Jodi’s post clears things up a bit. Maybe I should read a little more too?

Jodi, the conciliatory precis is much appreciated, but my beef is that Matt was being deliberately provocative in his post. My own personal love muffin is short and fat and I love him to pieces.

I’m pretty sure I’m officially a dumbass, too. Because I never even made the assumption that Matt was replying to me… :eek:

Then again, I was operating off of the knowledge that the subtext was more of a joking thing than a serious “I’m not attractive” thing. And not allowing for the fact that not everyone reading would realize that.

jayjay (who is, indeed, a lazy fatass, but still considers himself do-able…)

GOBEAR, again, I didn’t see deliberate provocation in MATT’s post, but if that’s how you read it then it’s obviously between you and he.

JAYJAY, of course I understood that your aside was joking – jeez, if people don’t get that when you even post a smiley, there’s no help for them. But I still felt MATT was responding to it (to you) and not to GOBEAR.

But whatever.

sigh I really need to not rely on my memory for…well, just about anything.

I apologize to you, Jodi, for implying that you (or anyone, really) didn’t realize it was joking…an implication I made because I forgot I put a smiley beside it! This is my brain on…well, any normal day. :slight_smile:

See what happens when I flirt? International incidents, intrafamily squabbles, lawyers knocking at the threads…



Oh! And hijacks! Lots and lots of hijacks!

Apologies to you, too, gobear, for hijacking this thread, too…

jayjay (who says ADDers can’t keep their arguments straight?)

Don’t worry, Jay-Jay, you sexy bear, you can flirt with me anytime!

All right, this is just pathetic. Next person who apologizes in this thread gets his ass kicked. This is the PIT, people! Shape up!

[sub]I hopee to Hell Gobear doesn’t apologize to anyone, 'cuz I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in six years.[/sub]


A Public Service Message:

This is The BBQ Pit.

This is not Happy Fuzzy Bunny Land.

Stop polluting the BBQ Pit with your mindless flirtations. They are not welcome here, and they make Alphagene vomit. If you find yourself unable to control your wild, passionate love for gobear —I mean, that special someone — go to MPSIMS. The moderators there are used to it. Especially the one with the clog-shaped penis.

I didn’t mean to say that out loud.

You are not encouraged to flirt shamelessly with each other, regardless of how hot you are for some man loving or how long it’s been since you saw the inside of a gym. If you have beef in “that” way, take it to email. Take it to see the inside of a gym. Take it to a doctor if you feel the need. Take it to dinner and a movie and then whisper sweet nothings into jayjay — I mean its — ears.

You are encouraged to flame each other. Note that there is a difference between being flaming and flaming someone else. For further clarification, see this thread. I’ll even give you a hint: one is an intransitive verb and the other is not.

Proceed accordingly. Don’t make me come back there.

You know I want to. I need me some man loving. I want gobear’s manly hands all over my body.

I didn’t mean to say that out loud.


Couldn’t my very first time having a Pit thread opened to flame me have been, like, Libertarian or somebody? sigh

Furthermore, why did you feel you had to open this thing up at all? Was there something you felt you missed in the friendly rebuttal you offered in the original thread?

You know, darling, there is a difference between “offering a differing opinion” and “being confrontational”. As an example, “offering a differing opinion” is what I am doing in the thread mentioned above. (I was specifically responding to jayjay’s comments and to your response to same.)

You can tell that it’s “offering a differing opinion” from the fact that I prefaced it with the expression of humility “All I know is…” and used the word “Matt” in it so as to indicate that This Is Just My Own Personal Aesthetic Opinion, Your Mileage May Vary. Did I not make it clear enough? I’m so sorry. [sub](avoids Miller)[/sub]

Therefore, I will say this once and once only: gobear, I love you like a brother, and consequently, when I’m “confronting” you, honey, you’ll know it.

Slow news day?

How soon they forget.