I already didn't like Elizabeth Dole. . . .

… But in her reelection campaign against Democrat Kay Hagan, she’s released an ad using “godless” as a pejorative.


Oh, forgot – fuck those fucking fuckers.

Wow! There really is a Godless Americans PAC! Man, what an opportunity for payoffs! How much money would a candidate pay to avoid being endorsed by them?

I just came in here to start a thread on this. What a piece of shit that woman is. And what a scum-sucking bunch of pricks the Republican Party is turning out to be. This kind of filth is beyond the pale and should have no place in our political discourse. I’m appalled.

BTW, here’s the Permalink directly to that article.

What’s wrong with these people?

It just makes me sad right now.


Not enough that she is an atheist, she infiltrates her local church to warp the minds of innocent children!

Please tell me the day is coming when this sort of bullshit does not work …

And, could that day be Nov. 4, 2008?

Thay’re playing on people’s fears and prejudices. Same old same old.

Wow! Kay Hagen has promised to destroy God if she’s elected!

And if she can destroy God, why mess with her?

Not only a Sunday School teacher, but an ELDER of her Presbyterian church. Presbyterian…that’s not even Catholic. It practically DEFINES sober, boring Protestant!

Liddy Dole needs to go back to Kansas in January. Well, let me rephrase that. Liddy Dole needs to stay in Kansas after next January. It’s not like she’s spent that much time in the state she supposedly represents.

I believe she is also rumored to be a thespian.

There’s money to be made by starting a Godless Commie Pinko PAC. Assuming no one else has already done it.

I got dibs on the Pedophile PAC.

Quis fucket ipsos fuckers?

“Hello, Senator? Yes, my name is B. Abe Bugger, I’m the local fundraiser for NAMBLA. Yes, thats right, the man-boy love PAC, happy that you are aware of our efforts. Just a word to let you know that we are endorsing your campaign with a TV ad to run in your state and…what? Senator, please, calm down. Well, yes, we had considered endorsing your opponent…well, yes, $50,000 would very likely change our…no, cash would be better, don’t you think? 2 PM, your office? I’m sure we can have somebody there, Senator, and thanks again for your…Senator? Senator?..”

You meant to say, “Non consecutive unmarked small bills” rather than just “cash” but the rest is fine! :smiley:

I’ve heard she’s strongly in favour of mastication among children.

Gee. I thought there was no religious test for public office. I guess I was wrong.

And she believes in the legalisation of child photography.

I hear several members of her family are out of the closet as homo sapiens, and she has no problem with this!