I always though this was funny.

There used to be cigarettes named “Life”. They ought to re-introduce that brand just to get a rise out of some tight assed people.:stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, what would be funnier, is if they introduced a brand of cigarette known as “Death” or “Lung Cancer” or “Emphysema” or “Cough Your Lungs Up” or “Nicotine Addicted”.

You mean like this?

Or this?

They also make **Wild Geese cigarettes ** which I think as a smoker, I might just avoid.
Might try “Death” though.

well being the non cigerette smoker i am, i don’t understand why people start smoking them. however, cigars and pipes are cool. i enjoy the occasional pipe of tobacco or a good cigar. its all good i guess, whatever floats your boat.:smiley:

That reminds me of a story I heard a few months ago about how the government of Brazil wanted to discourage people from smoking, so they put graphic pictures on the cigarette packs or the consequences that arise from smoking. (you know, like lung cancer, emphysema, etc.) Apparently, the scheme backfired because people now wanted to collect all the different designs! :eek: The most popular pack depicted a man suffocating.

The ironic cigarette brand names also reminded me of an online conversation I was having some time ago with a guy from San Diego. He typed something like: “Excuse me for a second, I just have to go and get a pack of cigarettes… I feel so alive!” I sat there staring at the screen and reveling in the sheer irony of it. (he was probably making a reference to the POD song “Alive”, but the irony was delicious)

Down here is Oz, we have dirty great big sayings on the packet, so you know what you’re getting.
I’ve got a packet of SMOKING KILLS now.
There’s also NICOTINE IS ADDICTIVE and others.
I like to smoke from the packet that says SMOKING WHEN PREGNANT HARMS YOUR BABY, 'cos as a bloke I think these are the healthiest for me.

When I was working in Argentina a few years back, there was significant interest in collecting the packets I discarded, just so they could collect the ‘set’.

But back to my SMOKING KILLS …

Having lived in or visited numerous different countries over the years, I can say without question the U.S. has an awful lot of people with too much time on their hands.

It’s disturbing that a country founded on, and with the expressed admiration of, freedom and independence gets downright fascist/totalitarian when it comes to tobacco.

What exactly do you mean?


Originally posted by Tedster
It’s disturbing that a country founded on, and with the expressed admiration of, freedom and independence gets downright fascist/totalitarian when it comes to tobacco.

I think I know what he means. The colonies were profitable, and the country prospered, with the help of tobacco production. Now tobacco is evil. I realize American culture has changed a lot since then, but it’s still ironic. (Can I say ‘ironic’?)

I thought it was funny when Marlboro had those promotions where if you clipped enough proofs of purchase (Marlboro Bucks or something) you could redeem them for outdoor or fitness equipment. Like maybe 500 would get you a kayak or mountain bike.

If you smoked that much, would that crap be of any use? There’s nothing more invigorating than white water rafting with diminished lung capacity.

How 'bout a burger from McDonalds called “McHardened Arteries”?

That’s nothing. Every freedom we have here was won at the point of a gun, and now guns are viewed as tools of the devil by many folks here.

Surely you can do better than this? Or are you happy to just recycle the same tired old smoking lobby drivel that wasn’t remotely convincing the first time round, and doesn’t improve with parrot-like brain-dead repetition.

When smokers drone on about ‘freedom’, they are only concerned with their freedom to smoke wherever and whenever the hell they want. It’s as selfish as that.

They don’t give a damn about my freedom to enjoy an evening at a restaurant or club or theatre without someone stinking the air up with cigarette fumes. They don’t give a damn about my freedom to try and lead a healthy life, which is problematic if I’m sitting close to someone who insists on exhaling cigarette fumes. They don’t give a damn about all of these other freedoms, which they would willingly trample all over if given half a chance.

Oh, and one last thought. Please try having a chat to a few people who have lived under fascist or totalitarian regimes. Or read some history. You might find that they have suffered one hell of a lot more than someone suggesting they shouldn’t be entitled to subject other people to smelly smoke, which could be detrimental to health, every time they damn well feel like it. Your remarks are deeply offensive to anyone who has endured real fascism or totalitarianism. I guess your sense of values are as polluted as a smoker’s lungs.